Property Tax Levies…can they be repealed?

LFC was asked this question: Can voters repeal any property tax or continuous levies?

Rather than recite the applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code, we did find a very informative article written in 2017 by the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

Taxpayers-Guide-to-Reducing-Local-Taxes-with-petitions-1 (1)

Excerpts from the article:

facepalm image

“Unfortunately, you cannot reduce or repeal a school district income tax levy and property tax levy if the revenue from that levy is earmarked for the construction of new school facilities in your district.”

“Nor can you reduce a levy unless it is ‘for a continuing period of time’.”

“Also note that after an activist Ohio Supreme Court decision arising from a 2012 levy reduction effort in the Westerville School District, you can no longer reduce tax increases caused by “replacement” and “renewal” levies.

For Property Tax Levies:
You can reduce the rate of a property tax levy if it meets these criteria:
(1) Voters must have approved the levy

(2) The levy must not expire. It must be enacted “for a continuing period of time.”

(3) The levy must not be for construction of new schools, and must not be a “replacement” or “renewal” levy.

(4) If there has been another attempt to reduce this property tax levy in your school district, it must have been greater than five years ago for you to proceed – – a series of five-year reduction windows exists after a levy is approved.

(5) If voters attempted to reduce levies in the past, determine which five-year window you are currently in, and make sure that no voter-initiated attempt to reduce this levy was placed on the ballot within the current five year window (because these efforts are uncommon you will be unlikely to find one; but please do not skip this step)”

[LFC Comments:  Bad news for the Willoughby-Eastlake and Wickliffe taxpayers.  Looks like the school superintendents and their sycophants have won!  Remember, the W-E superintendent said that you should have planned better for your retirement.]


Steve Thompson W-E Superintendent

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4 replies

  1. It looks like the community won! They voted for them!


  2. So we can put levies on the ballot an unlimited amount of times, but can only attempt to repeal it once every five years. And only then if certain conditions are meet which the original levy writers (if competent) will have insured can’t be meet?


  3. Bwa ha ha the schools give back money in the form of an appeal 😂. People with covid-19 losing their loved ones and their jobs and eventually their homes naw doesn’t matter. No money to pay the increased taxes because of this brilliant jewel in a goats reared going to be WAY overbuilt NAW doesn’t matter.
    School superintendent who when sent a legal records reply and finally sends you useless information and everything but what you asked for and his reply was there were no estimated construction costs or any other drawings,schematics blueprints but the POOR representation on the Wickliffe city school web site BUT knew exactly how big a bond to ask for because the magic 8 ball was working that day NAW doesn’t matter. I guess it doesn’t matter to him or others that the Wickliffe residents ( that is those who got off their butts and voted) got a giant scam job perpetrated on them .
    I guess more legal steps need to be taken by the few of us who care to KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH !. WICKLIFFE residents who were not brainwashed need to send our superintendent legal ohio records requests for the truth. Contact this web site for info, it’s easy to send a public records request. God bless stay safe. John


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