Linda Goudsmit explains the New World Order

Listen to Linda Goudsmit explain the New World Order – Agenda 21/2030.

Linda provides great insight to the impact of Lord Bertrand Russell, Barack Obama, and President Jimmy Carter on our current society.  This is a very powerful, informative video.

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  1. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Anyone who REALLY wants to know whats going on should definitely check this out, its a pretty scary warning from a history and religion professor. Pretty damn eye opening:


  2. Anyone who thinks the NEW world order is new should really look at ancient history. What we are going through now is WW3. But, we are not fighting a country or countries like before. I listened to a great YouTube video the other day by someone named RedPill78. He was interviewing a guy named Brooks Agnew. Brooks summed it up nicely in the first 15 minutes.

    Brooks is discussing his newest book, Charm of Favor, which dives into the details of the Clinton Crime Family, and more specifically, the Clinton Foundation which is currently under investigation for CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN.


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