Lake County School Funding….part 2

We have been working on calculating the average spend per student for each school district in Lake County.  We must say that there are some very startling numbers…..

Here is the average $ spent per student for CY 2018 vs CY 2008. It is sorted by total $ spent per pupil for CY 2018.
Avg Spend per Pupil 2018 vs 2008

Analysis of Revenue received from property taxes versus State and Federal Funds:

Total Lake County School Districts:      Analysis of School Revenue

Wickliffe:      Wickliffe

Mentor:         Mentor

Kirtland:       Kirtland

Painesville:    Painesville                (Comment: note that 74.53% of revenue is from the State and Federal funds…this is the State re-distributing the wealth)

Willoughby Eastlake:     Willoughby Eastlake

Perry:        Perry

Riverside:      Riverside

Fairport Harbor:     Fairport Harbor

Madison:    Madison

Here is a report comparing the enrollment in   each school in Lake County.  Only two schools reported a minor increase in enrollment, overall there was a 3,142 (9.39%) decrease in enrollment – yet we spent $100 million more in the County on education.  Inflation may have accounted for a portion of it, but I have uncovered another cost that people should know about – the cost to educate non-English speaking students.

Enrollment by School:    Enrollment

Cost to educate non-English speaking students:    Cost to educate Non English Speakers


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