Painesville Protest…no permit needed

(LFC Comments:  We saw the protest in the Painesville Park,

and we were asked if a permit to hold the event was requested.  We sent an email to the Painesville Police Department and they promptly responded.)

Email to the Painesville Police Department:

Lobbyists for Citizens is an on-line newspaper bringing truth and transparency to the citizens of Lake County.  We read Chief Waterman’s post about the peaceful protest at the park in downtown Painesville.  We have some questions about the protest.

1. Was a permit needed?  If yes, who filed for the permit.
2. If no permit was needed, who organized the protest by contacting the police department?
We thank the Painesville Police Department for all of their efforts to ensure the safety of all of the citizens of the community.

Here is the response from the Painesville Police Department:

A permit was never requested, and the department was never approached by anyone concerning any formalized rally or protest. Our department was simply keeping an eye out on social media for anyone talking about gathering in the City of Painesville out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our residents and businesses.

When it became apparent to us that there was chatter about an informal rally in the square we took action and prepared along with other local agencies. The group never asked for specific use of the gazebo and their presence did not conflict with any permit holder requesting the gazebo or park.

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  1. Way to be responsive PPD! You make me proud!

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