Parents – Be Cautious…Reset and Restart Education

(LFC Comments: Thanks to our friends at for this article.  With the reduction in State funding, and the current uncertainties due to COVID-19, we do have empathy for our school officials.  This is a nightmare for all concerned. We will pray for their success. )

Published Thursday, June 4, 2020

When reading Into the Governor’s announcement for schools to restart schools in the fall, I’m on a committee and have been privileged to see the proposed Reset an Restart Education plan. There are so many barriers that make it literally impossible to go to school everyday. The present guide will make it nearly impossible for schools to open. The barriers make it impossible for schools to function especially with 300 million plus budget cuts coming. Transportation is a nightmare and districts won’t have enough funding – or drivers to provide that many routes. We need major staffing additions and resources to meet these guidelines. We most importantly need to meet the needs of our kids. They will have been away from school – structure and learning for over 6 months. Childcare will be such a critical barrier for families of elementary kids.

I have a conference call with Governor DeWine early in the AM and I will be advocating for our kids and for each school board and district to set their own guidelines to open schools not a cookie cutter approach. I am extremely grateful that Governor DeWine is even talking the time to let me have a voice in this.

Blended platforms where kids go some days and different groups go other days will NOT work- not for most parents -schools and most importantly students. I urge you to write your congressman and voice your concerns. I will for sure be speaking on behalf of the kids -teachers and parents. At -risk youth, especially urban and rural students, will suffer greatly as the socio -economic gaps and learning curves just got a whole lot larger during this shut down for these districts and students. I am pressing that we must go to school and if there is an outbreak we are now prepared to temporarily go on line via blended learning but not for months. Leave it up to each district to do what’s best for kids.

I also believe that if parents do not feel comfortable sending their children until there is a vaccination then on line learning should be an option and all resources should be provided to those who need them to give their children equitable education opportunities. Families should have a choice in this matter to do what is best for their children and family.

There never will be a one size fits all in education. If you have other concerns -including ones that do not resonate with my stance please comment please share with the Governor’s office – Health department and ODE. Your voice is critical in this mater and matters. ALL KIDS MATTER!

Todd Whiteman

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