Affective Domain of Learning…what is it?

(LFC Comments: Thanks to our Cleveland lobbyist for this article.)

Here  is the one page summary link for the affective domain as developed/clarified/constructed by Benjamin Bloom and the Chicago School:

One can search affective domain see many articles on how it is used, how to use it, etc, etc….

A very interesting short bio on Bloom tracing the history of affective domain back to the 1950’s:

This is the technique that is used to sensitize and fundamentally brainwash students in school, our children – it starts out if you look at the hierarchy pyramid as the concept of “casting your bread upon the waters” (receiving) to self-actualization (characterizing)………..if you understand this simple one page synopsis, you will have a better understanding of “snow flake” behavior as given to us by the educational system.

Remember our educators are not stupid – we have the results that we have, because this has been the DELIBERATE goal all along – the dumbing down of the citizenry, creating a democracy of the uneducated masses, and creating an emotional, easily led, compliant citizenry………….they are well along the way except there are still ingrained values in us as humans that are difficult to eradicate.  That is why we see via, the compliant media, BLM and ANTIFA ramping up to the next level – mass indoctrination, fear and violence.  (a review of the Bolshevik revolutions shows how this was accomplished)

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