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Hello to the Editor:

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The Right to peaceful public assembly, even if it is loud and energetic, is a fundamental right guaranteed to Americans by the Constitution.

The current George Floyd issue is one of great significance due to the apparently blatant homicide we have all seen on the video. No one who sees this could not be moved and offended to the core at the violent denial of Mr. Floyd’s Constitutional Right to life itself.

Peaceful protest is one thing. But when further senseless homicide, violence, property destruction and looting begin, that is not a Constitutional right. This current rendition of public protest, prominently characterized and marred by well coordinated rioting, is largely the work of opportunistic anti-American anarchists.

There are several groups that fall into this category, a prime example of which is the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. It is highly instructive to consult their web site and I challenge every AMERICAN to read their 10 Points of Action seen there. That truly says it all.

[LFC Comment:  Here is a link to the their website: ] ]

The current generation of anarchists are even further to the political left than Communists, who at least champion a form of government, albeit unacceptable and a failed totalitarian one.

The founding fathers designed the Constitution precisely to prevent anarchy disguised as democracy. It is why we are NOT a democracy but a representative republic; a land of laws vs the whim of man, which protect the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority.

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Anarchy invariably and inevitably devolves into mobocracy which is non stop violence and disorder. People simply cannot survive in mobocracies because there is always some group seeking power in a never-ending eternal state of revolution against one another!

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Eventually some group overcomes the others and a dictator arises. Note that whether an individual or a ” proletariat” tyranny is still the ultimate product of anarchy as well as extreme violence, many deaths and a shattered economy. In short,mega-misery.

Be very careful if you are considering protesting. Do your homework to ensure that the group(s) to which you join yourself are not simply anarchists looking to exploit your well-meaning emotional outrage to help them promote and carry out the violent overthrow of the greatest government mankind has ever produced, the Constitutional United States of America. That Constitutional Government is by design NOT a democracy but a Representative Republic and has produced the highest standard of living for all its citizens of any civilization in the history of mankind.

parade imageExercise YOUR right to peaceful public assembly and attend one of the most important AMERICAN cultural events of all, the Independence Day Parade. The parade in Chesterland was cancelled but is back on, of necessity, under new leadership. It will be held at 10 AM Saturday July 4th along Ohio route 306, followed by Speakers and, hopefully, food in the Park.

Exercise your Constitutional rights by attending and practicing common sense social distancing and mask use as you are free to do.

Happy Birthday America!

James R. MacNeal

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