Tuscarawas County…invalid oaths of office

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[LFC Comments:  We are pleased to announce another County has joined Lobbyists for Citizens’ efforts to bring honesty and transparency to local government.  Tuscarawas County is just south of the City of Canton.]


Oath of Office

Written by Wilson Charles Haugh, Jr.
July 27, 2020

sheriff Orvis Campbell

Sheriff Orvis L. Campbell


Several public servants in Tuscarawas county have not properly taken office including the Sheriff Orvis L. Campbell and Magistrate Karen Zajkowski.


I have been looking into the requirements of holding office and several public servants have invalid oath of office with various critical errors such as:

  • Not being properly notarized and authenticated
  • Not using their lawful name that is registered with the Ohio supreme Court
  • Not having a performance bond required by all the court officials
  • What is most concerning is that none of them have an oath per 4 usc 101.

    This makes all of them impostors that are committing election fraud.

    What is most concerning is that most of these people are the ones that are in charge of the laws, and they can’t even follow the laws that govern their own position; such as, filling out a proper oath of office along with having a performance bond that is required to protect the citizens from their failures, which seem to be very relevant here. If they can’t fulfill the basic needs of their position, how exactly are they upholding justice for the average citizen?

Wilson-Charles: Haugh Jr.







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6 replies

  1. This is a shameful attack on good people. Google Wilson Haugh and read a history including domestic violence.
    Haugh has a personal history with the magistrate he attacks.
    Haugh is probably a year behind in child support payments with a suspended license. A Sherriff sale took his Lorain house last year.
    Giving this man a platform to attack good people is shameful.


    • You need to provide proof of your accusations.


      • The truth is right in front of you! You are to dumb to comprehend it, because all you are concerned about is slandering and defaming me in an effort to destroy my relationship with my daughter because you’re nothing but a liar and an abuser of children! They are co-conspirators in the deprivation of my rights and the abuse of a child being used as a weapon to destroy a parental relationship! They are frauds and so are you! Tell my daughter I love her and Daddy is working hard to show what evil is in Tuscarawas county!! I will see to it that justice is served!


    • Good people do not pretend to hold office. They fullfil the obligation of the office and that is not what any of the mentioned public servants have done. When a public servant doesn’t comply with 4 usc 101 they simply have no authority. Karen Z didn’t even do the oath of office correct and that is a violation of the Ohio constitution and ohio revised code. That makes everything she does null! Your railroad job and abuse will be exposed! Do please explain any miss information in this article and I will gladly correct it. Until then they are traitors to the office and that is treasonous!


  2. Everyone should be able to have visitation with his child. What went down to prevent this man from having visitation with his daughter is unjust and an injustice. A miscarriage of Justice as has occurred to this Father preventing his visitation and relationship with his daughter is immoral and unjust. There can be no greater injustice than to prevent a Father from visitation with his child. The people involved in this failure of Justice must correct their injustice as propagated against him. What goes around comes around. God please help this man get visitation with his child.


  3. I had a similar experience with same so-called “magistrate” Z, about 17 yrs ago. Wish I had had this info back then…..


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