Push Back Against 1619 Project

Time to Push Back Against 1619 Project

Written by Jan Lukas, Retired Cleveland Public School teacher
Greetings to Parents, Administrators, Staff  and all who want truthful unpoliticized education for children of Ohio schools.
While we are focused on “corona virus” return to school protocol, we may be missing a larger story of state mandates to indoctrinate all employees and students.
Please read the language in the  “Equity” Resolution 20 which was passed in July by Ohio’s Dept. of Education.
Click on this link provided by State Board member, Kirsten Hill. PRINT IT and mull over it.  https://kirstenhill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Item-20-Laura-Kohler-Equity-Resolution-as-proposed.pdf
Notice the language of division that admits to “white supremacy, systemic inequity and racial bias in education.”
Training to identify implicit biases will be offered for Board members and required for all state employees working with the Dept. of Education.
I see this as causing great harm with grievance, guilt and shaming all involved.
Also included is Kirsten Hill’s letter from the State Sup. Paolo DeMaria regarding the 1619 Project,  interspersed with Kirsten’s comments.
He sounds good, but seems to present one side of the spectrum and lacks good judgement. Please, Oprah Winfrey????
May I suggest you look up “1776 Unites” a group of black scholars, leaders, clergy and journalists who counter “1619 Project.”
The Ohio Board member from the Cleveland district is completely on board with 1619!
ACTIONS: Contact state and local board members, DeMaria, your local school administrators and parents.
Forward this to educators. Be vigilant. Work hard to resist this. This is not stopping without push back from you.

From Kirsten Hill, State School Board Member
Racism and inequities against blacks, indigenous and people of color addressed in late night resolution passed by the Ohio State Board of Education
Ohio – A resolution declaring Ohio and its education system as systemically racist against blacks, indigenous people and people of color and in need of internal examination, correction for achievement gaps, disparate discipline, white privilege, white supremacy, cultural insensitivity, hate speech and implicit bias was approved by the Ohio State Board of Education in a 12 to 5 vote at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Kohler Racism Resolution Vote Tally:  Yes – Dackin, Dodd, Haycock, Johnson, Kohler, LaMoncha, Manchester, Miranda, Owens, Poklar, Toal, Wilkinson; No – Fowler Arthur, Hagan, Hill, McGuire, Woods; Abstain – Kilgore

The state’s academic standards, curriculum, resources and tests are to be reviewed to eliminate cultural insensitivity, racial bias, white privilege and white supremacy.  The state education department is instructed to provide support to local school districts to do the same.  State employees and contractors to schools are required to attend implicit bias training.  Training for  board members, state and local, is to take place to address the ills.

Ohio State Board of Education has 19 members; 11 elected and 8 governor-appointed.  See here:  https://kirstenhill.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Item-20-Laura-Kohler-Equity-Resolution-as-proposed.pdf

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4 replies

  1. Scary and a way to divide people. It’s on school systems to teach true history, civics, math, literature, science. The foundation of this country is based upon the Constitution, Bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, God & Country. People come to this country from all over the world and are still trying to come here because of our freedoms of liberty.
    People who live in cities where the educational system is bad should look at who is in charge of the school system and demand changes or move.
    I do not believe there is systematic white supremacy this is a form of racism starting against white people and should be banned. Good people of faith and honor find this disgusting. When you add up all the trillions of dollars given to bring up the lives of poor people you might wonder if they are actually being helped or is the money going towards wrong doing. If you add up all the good people of all colors in this country do for their fellow man, it far exceeds those that are on the wrong path.
    Nevertheless this is the greatest country on earth founded with the help of God’s word and the careful thoughfulness of so many men of knowledge. It took time to mend the problems with slavery and inequality but so much has been accomplished. So many men and women have been educated and work at things they choose to and achieve per their own hard work.
    Stop the hate and predjudice against good hard working people whose lives have had not been easy because of their skin color and have met many many challenges and much strife. Not everyone is going to become rich but the thing about America is you are in charge of your own destiny and should not blame your problems on people that just happen to be born of a different skin color. Don’t judge them that way. We have all been through trials and tribulations but move on and thanks to our faith and strength to rise above, have a good heart, love our fellow man, try to be better but for sure not divide a great country. We are all Americans. God Bless America.


  2. Isn’t it funny how almost all of the bad school districts are found in areas of high poverty?


    • There is one statistic that no one can explain to me. How can 70% of the children in the Cleveland Public Schools graduate from high school without the ability to read??? They have no chance to get out of poverty without the basic ability to read. There has to be a fundamental flaw somewhere in the system.


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