How to Devalue Citizenship…lies, deceptions and betrayals

LFC Comments:  Several  lobbyists sent us this article about non-citizens voting in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Amazingly, local officials are willing to turn over their community to non-citizens.  Why do they continue to devalue citizenship in the United States?

Where does Yellow Springs fall in the political spectrum?

Answer:  “The Political Climate in Yellow Springs, OH is Strongly liberal.”  (LFC: Why are we not surprised?)

Excerpts from the article:

Yellow Springs’ recent charter change allowing non-citizens to vote on local matters came under fire last week from the State’s chief election official.  Local voters passed the charter amendment in the spring.
In a press release, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose criticized what he called Village efforts to “undermine the constitution” by granting non-citizens the right to vote, arguing that the measure is unconstitutional at the state and federal level.
“Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, the village of Yellow Springs forces me as Ohio’s chief elections officer to restate the obvious — only U.S. citizens may vote,” LaRose said in a press release on July 30.
“I won’t tolerate any local government who tries to subvert our laws, devalue American citizenship, and sew [sic] chaos in our elections,” he added.

In a separate letter also dated July 30, LaRose ordered the Greene County Board of Elections to reject any non-citizen voter registrations as well as to put measures in place to ensure that only citizens vote in November’s election. In that communication, LaRose suggested that local non-citizens who registered to vote could face criminal penalties and have their immigration status threatened. (Emphasis added by LFC)

toothless tiger 1
[LFC Comments:  LaRose is a toothless tiger.  We would be more impressed if he followed through with the threats with criminal penalties and cancelling their immigration status.   Do not look for LaRose to do what is right, he ultimately wants to be governor of Ohio.
Here is a previous article we wrote about Mr. LaRose’s conduct.  He is being totally unfair to District 61 State Representative Jamie Callender!
You see, the laws on the books are really there just to make the average citizen think that the politicians will protect the average citizen.  If all they do is talk a good game, then it is all meaningless and a huge deception and betrayal to Ohio citizens.
Note to LaRose:  When you find your spine, please let us know.]

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