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  1. When I attempted to use the religious exemption this is the response I received, “ We determined that the language of the religious allowance is specific to pre-existing religious requirements that individuals regularly observe and does not cover the desire to provide a mask exemption for an Ohio K-12 school based on religious conscience pertaining to wearing or not wearing a mask due to governmental requirements.“ This is from a private, Christian school nonetheless,


  2. Just like in all situations like this: just comply. Even if you feel you are wronged. You can settle it later. Where have we heard THAT before?


  3. Is there any provision for outdoor recess? In my opinion, this is not right and we should not make children spend their childhood in a mask and distanced from their friends. I had a wonderful childhood with wonderful memories. I am ashamed that I am letting these children down but I do not know how to stop this nonsense.


  4. Stop it by doing it. Seriously, if everyone worked together it’d be gone in no time. Prolonging the inevitable.


    • We have been “doing it” since March 13th!!!!! Has the common cold just gone away? How about all of the different strains of flu? Influenza “A”? Influenza “B”? Folks line up and get their flu shot and they still get the flu and authority tells us that it is a different strain than what we all just
      got vaccinated for. EVERY YEAR!!!!! This is not just going to disappear after a couple of weeks of mask wearing. How about the common cold? As I am sure you know, is a type of corona virus and somebody always catches a cold.


      • We agree completely. At what point will it be acceptable not to wear a mask? If we have to wait until every illness has been eradicated, then wearing a mask will become a fashion statement. In fact, hijabs, burkas, and niqabs could be mandated by the power elites. Would not be surprised if WHO and CDC stated that a “scientific study” showed that in countries where women wear the burkas the COVID-19 was destroyed. Good old Dr. Faucci recently said that we should be wearing googles. At least, for the time being, he is not suggesting haz-mat suits for everyone. This is an obvious ploy to control the masses. Evil works in incremental steps.


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