Lorain County Rally for In-Person Voting

Rally for In-Person Voting

From the daily heightened fearful news about the virus and the overreaction from our state government, we need to send this important message about keeping, improving election integrity via holding in-person elections on Nov. 3, 2020.  This overbearing government was started with an election so you can see how important free and fair elections are.

FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE AT STAKE: One of the uniting principles throughout American history has been the belief in and support of fair and free elections. Even at this time of strong disagreement, as well as concern about medical issues, there is still broad support for VOTING IN-PERSON to ensure fair and free elections!

ISSUES WITH MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Many issues regarding mail-in ballots have been documented in recent media stories. Mail-in ballots are rejected at a higher rate because the ballots are not signed or because they are sent too late. Recent primary elections have also demonstrated issues with local boards of election being able to get the absentee ballots to the correct address, as well as problems with effectively processing high volumes of absentee ballots. Every election is important but the November 2020 is more important than usual , and Ohio cannot afford to jeopardize the integrity of this important vote by eliminating in-person voting.  Here’s more about mail-in voting problems from Epoch Times.  Out just now is story about Big Tech Google censoring.

Here is more information from Free Ohio Now.

Join this peaceful rally on Saturday, August 22, in Lorain, Ohio.

What: Lorain County Rally calling for In-Person Voting in November
Date:  Saturday, August 22
Time: 11:00 am to Noon
Rally Location:  1985 N. Ridge Rd., Lorain, Ohio
Parking:  Lorain County Board of Elections (BOE) office MAP 

How:  We’ll have a brief gathering in the parking lot and then spread out in front of the BOE office to wave our flags and signs.
What to bring:  Flags and signs.  Bring your family and friends.


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  1. I called the Board of Elections and I was told that they plan on in-person voting and that you could also vote in-person at their office. That is what I was told on Friday, Aug. 21. 2020


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