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[LFC Comments: We are pleased to welcome a new contributor to our website. Jeanne Kincaid lives in Lake County, and will be reviewing some of her favorite podcasts for our readers.]


Allie Beth Stuckey

Podcast Review

Written by Jeanne Kincaid
August 21, 2020

There are many different ways for us to get information today. There is the internet, television, newspapers, magazines and the list goes on. I have found that the most interesting way to consume information, for me is from podcasts. I listen to a great variety of podcasts and my interests lie in an assortment of topics that include politics, spirituality and financial. You can find a podcast on just about anything that you want to listen to these days. I am able to listen to podcasts while at work, and though there may be many people that are afforded the ability to do that, for those that are not, there is always the time on your commute to and from work, your leisure time at home and possibly instead of playing games or watching television shows or movies.

My aim here is to provide a review on various podcasts that I have found to be interesting, entertaining, informative, and often conforming to the way that I think. Let us face it. We all like to listen to things that we agree with. It helps to keep anxiety in check. To give you insight on where I am coming from, I am a Conservative Evangelical Christian

The first podcast that I would like to review is called “Relatable” with Allie Beth Stuckey. You can find Allie on the internet at https://alliebethstuckey.com/

On her website, Allie describes her podcast as one that “analyzes culture, news and politics from a biblical perspective and discusses various aspects of reformed theology.”

You can find her podcast on a variety of apps that include Podcast One, Apple Podcasts, The Podcast App, via Stitcher, Podbean.com and Toppodcast.com to name a few.

You can also watch her YouTube channel.

Allie also runs a book club with “over 3,400 likeminded women reading and discussing books that help us think critically and biblically about what’s happening in the world” as posted on her website.

She describes herself as “a wife, mom, born-and-raised Texan, podcast host, author, commentator, and speaker” “passionate about helping women build their worldview upon the truth of God’s Word.” As an author, her book “You Are Not Enough (And That’s OK) Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self Love” was recently released. I am looking forward to reading that book in the near future. You can learn much more about her and her beliefs on her website.

I was first introduced to Allie Beth through another podcast that I listen to where she was a guest. I found her to be delightful, genuine, intelligent, informed and morally aligned with my own beliefs. She is a Calvinist Protestant and on episode 143 dated July 29, 2019 she goes into what it means to be a Calvinist. She does three podcasts per week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

 The reason that I chose her as my first podcast review is because she started a series this past Monday, August 17th called “Trump vs. Biden 2020” that will focus on main issues concerning the upcoming election. This series will be aired every Monday. There are eleven more Mondays until the election and her first topic focused on the issue of protecting unborn life or, in other words, abortion. Her episode notes for this particular podcast say “What is the abortion process? What are Trump’s policies on abortion? How might a Biden/Harris administration treat the issue of abortion?” There are many links in her episode notes that direct listeners to YouTube videos, related legislation and a wide variety of informative articles.  Allie Beth testified in front of a Congressional House Oversight and Reform Committee on November 14th, 2019 on Women’s Reproductive Health. I encourage anyone, whether you are pro-life or pro-choice to seek that video and watch it. She is passionate on this subject and does not hold back when describing abortion. She gives a graphic description of the process covering exactly what happens during a first trimester abortion, a second trimester abortion and a third trimester abortion. The methods are different for each. She will usually apologize for what she is about to describe and invite listeners to turn down the sound if there are children present in the room with them.

Other issues that she will cover in the upcoming Monday podcasts include the cohesion of the family, religious liberty and other First Amendment issues, school choice, foreign policy especially in regards to China, impartial and righteous justice that includes actions of the DOJ, policing, law and order, policies that affect our prison system, the economy, the Second Amendment, immigration, and science and truth. Allie’s intent is to make a case for why she thinks they should matter to her listeners, especially if they are a Christian.

If you are a podcast junkie and Conservative Christian, you will love “Relatable”. If you are on the fence about which way to vote, you should listen to Allie’s podcast for the next eleven weeks. If you are liberal, you may find that there is information in this podcast that you have never heard. I encourage everyone to check out this podcast.

Jeanne Kincaid

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