Cleveland Heights / University Heights Taxing People Out Of Their Homes

[LFC Comments: We are happy to publish an article written by Joe Miller, ardent community activist from Cleveland Heights. Believe it or not, school officials are coming back with another school property tax levy. During these uncertain times it is ludicrous to pass ANY property tax levy.

Home ownership is merely an illusion. The ever increasing property taxes is an attack on the middle class. If we continue to pass ever-increasing property taxes we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes they have worked all their lives to achieve.]


Didn’t We Just Vote NO on School Levy a Few Months Ago?

Written by Joe Miller, Cleveland heights Resident

Why is there another School Tax Levy on the November ballot? Didn’t we just go through this a few months ago? As I write this letter, it is raining outside very hard and my 100 year old house with the leaky basement is letting water in. I don’t have money for foundation repairs, I’m worried about Covid-19 as my son has returned home from college quarantining for 14 days.

I’m wondering if my job will sustain itself through this pandemic. The Cleveland Heights water and sewer bills are endless, there’s talk of our city tax being increased; right now I need money for so many emergencies that it is depressing to think of another property tax increase.

My property tax is so high already its like a separate mortgage payment.

A public school is a benefit to the community when it is affordable for the residents to
maintain. CH-UH is no longer affordable for the taxpayers and has become a real burden for all of us to maintain. This is the reason why more and more parents are opting for the voucher programs, private schooling because its more affordable.

If you can receive State and Federal help for private schooling why not take it? Say Yes to the voucher and No to a property tax increase. Best of all once the child graduates no more tuition payments!

Property tax increases last forever, long after your children have grown and moved away. Unfortunately the CH-UH public school has priced themselves out of the education market. It is no longer affordable for the residents and instead of being a means of liberating the community it is more like a ball and chain around our ankle.

The School system receives $153 million dollars a year, $24,290 per child to educate. This is one of the most generous packages of any school system in the state. CH-UH teachers salaries average $82K, statewide this number is $62K for similar size district.

We have all been so generous I feel that we have been taken advantage of.
When I voted NO on the increase School Tax Levy a few months ago I meant NO! And I’m voting NO again on Issue 69, and this time with an attitude!


LFC Comments: We prepared the following schedule comparing the per pupil spending for the top ten Ohio schools versus the bottom 10 for 2018. It clearly shows what Joe Miller is talking about. The Cleveland Heights / University Heights school district is number 5 in the state of Ohio with $24,290.34 spending per pupil.

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  1. How is this possible???


  2. Serious question: what does it say about the people voting and passing the taxes?


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