Socialism leads to communism

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for sending us this video. It illustrates that evil works in incremental steps. We have been receiving warnings about the current communists’ insurgency for decades. They have slowly but surely infiltrated ALL of our institutions for the purpose of destroying the United States from within.]

Victormarx This video filmed in 1969 will shock you at how relevant and effectively exposes what certain groups are trying again to do. Will you as a American and Christian allow it to happen?


We had an opportunity to speak about property taxes on the radio yesterday, and had Linda Goudsmit as our expert on what is happening in the world. Linda added these comments about the topic of property taxes:

“I found your discussion of excessive property taxes and how they relate to education and pricing people out of their homes very interesting. It is an aspect of the war on the middle class.

If I had more time I could have expanded on the theme and connected the dots that explain how socialism is the stepping stone to communism (no private property) and then to globalism (internationalized socialism).

There is no middle class in collectivism whether socialism or communism – ultimately it is a return to the binary socio-political structure of feudalism – a tiny elite at the top of the pyramid and the masses below who serve them.

That is why the rafts always go from Havana to Miami, and not from Miami to Havana;) 

A dumbed down, infantilized population is what is required to accept the fundamental transformation of our constitutional republic to socialism.  Rational adults who value their freedom reject socialism, communism, and globalism.

The fundamental transformation is a monstrous power-grab and most Americans have no idea what is at stake in the November election.”



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  2. …and you know what communism leads to.

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