Kirtland Residents and Business Owners… Telephone Hotline

The beautiful City of Kirtland has lost its way, and many City officials have forgotten that they work for the taxpayers of Kirtland. The City is not the personal playground for the Mayor and certain City Council members.

Honesty and transparency is paramount for good government.

We are informing Kirtland residents that we are establishing a:


Are you a Kirtland resident, employee (current or past), business owner, and/or elected official and believe you have been treated unfairly, or believe you have witnessed wrong doing by a current Kirtland Governmental Leader?

Call (941) 954-6913 for a secure, confidential, and protected conversation with a licensed attorney, FREE OF CHARGE. It is imperative that Kirtland leadership “Play by the Rules” and respect and honor its residents, business owners, beloved employees, and elected officials.


Kirtland residents and business owners – just remember that you are no longer fighting City Hall on your own. A new day is dawning in the City of Kirtland.

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15 replies

  1. What happened in Kirkland?


  2. I own a beet farm off of Rt. 6. I wanted to open an adult only inn on my farm but the mayor and his cronies won’t approve it. I paid an architect to design the inn and a marketing company to design a logo and come up with a name.. Beet Brothel. Complete BS


  3. Why do you use the name “staff writer”? Put your name on it this is what you believe.

    Ned Bindokas


  4. I believe staff writer to be Tom Christopher, local business owner. The hotline goes to the Christopher group. Not sure why he is hiding his name as he regularly spews garbage on social media. Of course he then deletes the post and/or his rude comments to anyone with a legitimate question or comment. Or possibly he has realized he once again he opened his mouth and spoke without thinking.


  5. Any time someone questions the powers that be, the bad ones try to kill the messenger. Good ones don’t need to do that.


  6. I find the number of negative comments on here quite odd. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly in Kirtland call the number, they’ve offered to help. If you haven’t been treated unfairly that’s awesome. Why litter a comment section attacking “staff writer”….odd


  7. Those that scream the loudest have the most to hide. Every government administration has their minions…they are like groupies for rock stars. Yucky and ewwwwwww! Rush Limbaugh was right…LOL.

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    • It’s amusing observing an old coot who had a free pass with the remarkably bitter former administration of Kirtland throw a temper tantrum because he’s become aware that the rules that apply to all other Kirtland residents apply to him, too. He’s employed the same tactics disregarding the written rules of the home owners association in the neighborhood in which he lives. Don’t be fooled by his trying to represent himself as a spokesperson for Kirtland residents. It’s all about his bottom line, folks.


  8. Pretty strong OPINIONS and PERSONAL ATTACKS from “Staff Writer” makes me wonder if a Kirtland resident or Potters old girlfriend


  9. In a word, WOW! Joan Farkibolo (nice pen name…), May I suggest you attend the Planning and Zoning Meetings. My family has lived in Kirtland a very long time. We have never seen anything like what the current administration is doing. The current developers of Kirtland are being put through the ringer with excessive regulations and over-reach, Please, ask any of them? You simply do not have any idea what you are talking about. And if you and your cronies continue to insult the responsible and beautiful developers who are investing in our community….guess what, they leave! And then…. are you going to write the tax check to fix our roads? I suspect not. So please, just be quiet. We (the vast majority of Kirtlanders) LOVE the development we are seeing, it is simply beautiful, and make this broken down town look amazing.


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