Galloway the “Never Trumper” and the Brian Durdle Connection

Mr. Galloway is asking Republicans to come to their senses, and not vote for TRUMP.


Just when we thought that we had written all we could write about the Lake County Auditor Mr. Chris Galloway, more information is found behind the curtain. Mr. Galloway ran for Lake County Commissioner in 2014. Here is a News-Herald article confirming that fact.

Mr. Galloway was defeated in this race by newbie, Ms.Kim Laurie. She ran afoul of the Lake County Republican Party elites when she held to her principles and would not support “Just (Not so Transparent) Dave” Joyce.

For the uninformed, the Party faithful must support Congressman Dave Joyce, even if it costs them their soul, but Joyce does not have to endorse Republican candidates on the down ballot. Power just works that way especially when deals must be made with the Mentor Republicans.

Laurie ultimately lost to Dan Troy (D) when the Lake County Republican Party treated her like a leper. We are told that show could have won, if only she had “played ball” with the Republican Party. She must have been too righteous for them.

We received the following flyers from anonymous sources… …interesting, some people save baseball cards – others save fundraiser flyers.

Look who was on Galloway’s host committee. It is none other than HB 6 First Energy Bondholder Lobbyist, Mr. Brian Durdle….so the Galloway / Durdle relationship is not just a recent event…

If you remember, we wrote about Mr. Durdle being removed from Mr. Galloway’s recent host committee sponsoring a fundraiser in Mentor.

Fundraiser for Chris Galloway for Lake County Commissioner


Wow, all the :”big hitters” were at this next fundraiser – Does not get much bigger than the late Steve LaTourette, and the other “muckety-mucks” from Columbus. And stalwart friend Brian Durdle is still “holding down the fort” on the host committee.


It begs the question, why take a long-time friend and Moreland Consulting business associate off of your host committee’s fund raising efforts…makes one go…hmmm??

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5 replies

  1. The lake county REPUBLICAN party sure doesn’t seem to listen to the people and keeps trying to push certain members of THEIR CLUB…..

    Are the party elites dense or that disrespectful of the people they represent? Maybe other members of their “ticket” need to be scrutinized too!!!!!!


  2. This guy sounds swampy.


  3. He’s not even from Lake County. He was raised and schooled from the liberal east coast, he came to lake in 2000, I heard his family were all progressives.



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