Recorder Becky Lynch Saves Lake County $763,000

For Immediate Release:

September 8, 2020 Painesville, Ohio; Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch saves $763,000! Recorder Lynch respects good use of the taxpayer money entrusted to Lake County! She saw that there was a fund in the Recorder department which was not working efficiently but sitting idle year by year. “Why have the collected fees sitting on the shelf and not utilize them in the best interests of the citizens?” said Recorder Lynch, “this was an opportunity to showcase the beauty of a business minded approach and make the dollars work for us.”

A thorough review of the duties of staff members was performed to establish the purpose of each task. This was the cornerstone to create a technology-salary apportionment. This innovative formula allowed for the use of these idle monies, for Recorder payroll expenses and ultimately ‘free up’ much needed resources for the County General Fund. With these efforts and over the period of three plus years, this has created a $763,000 savings for the County General Fund.

In 2017 the technology fund balance was sitting at $424,000. With the changes to the payroll paradigm, the incoming fees were paired with the opening balance and this due diligence brought about an efficiency opportunity! The funds are now flowing instead of attracting cobwebs!

At the Board of Commissioners Public Hearing on August 27th the program earned accolades and gained approval for continuation from the Lake County Board of Commissioners. With an internal operational increase in per document set aside fees in the Technology Fund from $4.00 to $7.00, the Recorder Technology Fund will be set for the next five years and the General Fund will reap the benefits.

To be clear this is not an increase in fees but a literal rearrangement of them for more efficient use. This is a true example of the proverbial “win- win” for everyone in Lake County!

The full report is called TECHNOLOGY FUND PROPOSAL. It was submitted on July 30, 2020 to the Lake County Board of Commissioners by Recorder Becky Lynch. It is available upon request.

The Lake County Recorder’s Office maintains our land records. The first Lake County Ohio Deed was recorded April 16, 1840. Documents that are submitted for recording, scanned, indexed and preserved by some of the most modern methods available to allow for secure access. The Lake County Recorder’s office fuels the economic engines in Lake County.

For additional details on the operations of the Recorder visit

Contact Recorder Becky Lynch.
Office 440-350-2510
Cell 678-662-8839

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4 replies

  1. Thank you Becky Lynch!!!!


  2. Brian,

    Just to be a little bit cynical, did she save the money for the Lake County tax payers or did she save the money for others to spend elsewhere since they had some extra money? I haven’t noticed any reduction in my property taxes or sales taxes recently.


    Sent from my iPhone



    • Unfortunately, the Recorder’s Office cannot send the money back to the taxpayers. That is the first question I ask when I hear that a bureaucrat has saved the taxpayers’ money. They all say we are not allowed to send it to the individual taxpayer.


  3. Thanks so much for respecting the entirety of the release Brian! Great to see. Take care! -Bec

    Sent by Becky Lynch



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