Trump Rally in Westlake


Tomorrow   Saturday September 12th  11am to 1pm...  at the intersection of Crocker Rd and Detroit Rd. in Westlake. 
Plenty of parking available at the Gemini Building parking lot 1991 Crocker Rd.  Westlake (I-90 Crocker Bassett Rd. Exit).  

All things TRUMP! TRUMP!TRUMP!    Also…NO to Mandatory Masks!  No to Mail -in Voting!  No to the New Normal!  

Get your signs, banners, bullhorns time to make a statement for freedom.  Enough BULL already. OPEN OHIO NOW!

ALSO…If you want to wear a mask PLEASE wear one!  No problem.  We are protesting against MANDATORY not voluntary mask wearing.

OPEN OHIO NOW!   After 6  months the economic toll is devastating. Remember Gov. DeWine said wear the masks for 14 days to flatten the curve.  Its now 6 months with no end in sight.  

Unemployment has skyrocketed in Ohio, 40% of small businesses may never recover. Spousal abuse, child abuse, alcoholic consumption, drug use, mental illness, stress, depression, SUICIDES, are at all time highs!  We have closed churches, businesses, swimming pools, schools…the cure will kill us not this overhyped “pandemic”.  

PLEASE make an effort to attend this RALLY.  This election means EVERYTHING and that is not hyperbole.  Should be a great time!  


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