Chris “Never Trumper” Galloway is Outed…updated 9/20/20…

[LFC Comments: We received, from several sources, Mr. Chris Galloway’s email response to Mr. Dale Fellows, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, in answer to our article about Mr. Galloway being a “Never Trumper”. We wonder if Mr. Galloway will be making a public announcement soon about his new enlightened policy that supports President Trump?]

[In this article, we are also going to expose Mr. Galloway for being less than forthcoming with the truth. He is a very large, powerful part of the Lake County swamp. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, there is a pernicious swamp in Lake County that has been deceiving the voters for years. Ever wonder why there are so many unopposed candidates?]


[LFC Comment: Here is Galloway’s email to Dale Fellows with our comments in the appropriate spots.]


It has come to my attention that there are questions regarding my support for President Trump’s re-election. I voted for him in this past Primary election and I will be casting my vote for Trump/Pence in this November’s election.

Regarding my comments from 2016, like many people in our party I did not support him in the Primary – I voted for Ted Cruz. I considered myself a Never Trump Republican. However, like many others, as we have moved past the 2016 election, I have been disgusted by the media’s lack of decency and blatant bias – things we knew, but they confirmed themselves to be nothing more than the publicity arm of the DNC since his inauguration. And to be clear – at no point did I ever side with the Democrat Party. Any such insinuation is, frankly, as a lifelong Republican who has been directly responsible and involved with electing well over a hundred Republicans to public office in my lifetime, a joke. 

[LFC Comments; No doubt, Mr. Galloway has been paid handsomely for his political consulting efforts. So the fact that he was successful in getting over one hundred Republicans elected seems hollow to us. A true team player working for the cause does it pro bono.]

[LFC Comments: Our mission is truth and transparency. Let us interject a very, very revealing picture at this point that a source has sent to us. It demonstrates very clearly that Mr. Galloway has, indeed, sided with the Democrat Party, contrary to his written statement highlighted in red above.

Mr. Galloway, you have not been truthful or transparent with the voters, with Dale Fellows, with the Lake County Central Committee and with the entire Lake County Republican Party. You attended a Democrat fundraiser held last year, and you did not even use your own name. The “Bob Dere” fictitious name on your name tag clearly shows that you do not mind bending the truth.

The question is did you violate any campaign finance laws by signing in with an assumed name?

Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway (R) all smiles with the three Democrats.All part of the Cabal in Lake County

From right to left:
Kenny Yuko – Ohio State Senator – District 25 (Lake and Cuyahoga)
Leader of the Democratic Caucus, “Clean up Hitter” in the Ohio Democrat Party.

John Rogers – Current Democrat State Representative for District 60
Candidate for Lake County Commissioner opposing the incumbent People’s Commissioner John Hamercheck. Also heads the Lake County Land Bank..and is a perennial politician. Jerry Cirino [R], candidate for State Senator, spoke in glowing terms about him in a Land Bank meeting that I personally attended. The swamp is deep in Lake County.

Kevin Malecek – Former Democrat Lake County Commissioner and holds multiple positions with varying municipalities, and non-profits. He is dug in tighter than a Texas tick in the Lake County swamp.

We are known by the company we keep. Here is Malecek surrounded by Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and the Ohio Socialist Senator Sherrod Brown. No doubt Malecek is a hard core Democrat, and the “favorite son” of Lake County Republicans. They protect his flanks, and ensure that he always has a job in the County.

Chris “Never Trumper” Galloway – A.K.A. “Bob Dere” – Current Lake County Auditor. Chairman of the Concord Township / Painesville JEDD , a very astute political consultant to a host of politicians, non-profits, and friends with Brian Durdle, former lobbyist for the First Energy Bondholders in the H.B. 6 scandal.


[LFC Comment: Back to Galloway’s email:]

In the last three and a half years I have been pleased with many of the President’s policies. Which is why I’m voting for him. Do I agree with all of them? No. There is also no elected official that I agree with 100%. As you know, that is an impossible standard. In my now almost 25 years of serving on the Lake County Republican Party Central Committee I have witnessed many fiery debates and disagreements on our own elected officials and policy positions within our organization. Debate strengthens us as long as we don’t allow it to become an inquisition. Can it be that members the Lake GOP would prefer to see my Democrat opponent prevail? A Planned Parenthood supporting, AFL-CIO bosses backed, Young Democrat who is working to defeat Jerry Cirino, Dave Joyce and the rest of our ticket? I would hope not. 

Lastly, I would inform you that the person running the blog making these repeated attacks on me has my opponent’s yard sign displayed in his yard. If there is ever any doubt as to the bias and motivation of that particular website.

Yours in Freedom,



LFC Comments: We need to set the record straight for Mr. Chris Galloway. We are not partisan hacks that have blind faith in a person because they have an “R” next to their name. We seek righteous men and women that will look out for the best interests of ALL citizens. We are not interested in power hungry politicians that are only interested in their careers, and view political office as merely stepping-stones to higher office.

It also infuriates local Republicans when the “elite” of the Party can endorse Democrats without any repercussions. Jerry Cirino is famous for this tactic in Concord Township by supporting the Galloway / [Paul] Malchesky [D] ticket.

Party endorsements go to only those that have “kissed the ring” of the “elites”, served their time working like a slave for the Party, and then only to be cancelled if you do not endorse the revered Congressman Dave “Not so Transparent” Joyce (R). Quite frankly, both political parties are morally bankrupt.

By the way, Mr. Galloway, my neighbor, who is obviously giving you the inside track on what I am doing, is proudly displaying your two “vote for Galloway” signs under his brand spanking new Biden/Harris flag flying on his flagpole!. You have got to be thrilled with that.

Mr. Galloway, you have been “outed”…it is time to come out as the Democrat you are… hiding in plain sight is no longer an option. You are known by the company you keep. Time to be transparent with the voters, and your party loyalists that voted for you as Auditor.


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8 replies

  1. This lying “RINO” ran with a DEMON-CRAT…….What “hutzpa” to say he has never sided with them!!!!


  2. If he being Chris, truly is now supporting our President Trump, why not delete all the negative things about him off your social media post Mr. Chris?


  3. Is he seriously trying to argue he was too conservative to support President Trump in 2016 when he actually supported Kasich and Romney???


  4. Biden is the worst, he sold our country out to Russia and China for money via his cocaine using dishonorable discharged son Hunter. Mentor Republicans should be ashamed for hiring this Biden supporting Democrat as their business director! [Kevin Malaecek] These are the same people that ran out Emillee Tereszuck and Kim Laurie from the party.



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