Concord’s Andy Rose – Administrator and Divider

Written by Brian Massie, Concord Resident for 14 years

For those living outside of Concord Township, it is appropriate to inform you that there is a very contentious property tax fire levy on the November 3rd ballot. This article is not meant to debate the pros and cons of the fire levy, but to call attention to the very disturbing, and sometimes devious, dark actions of the Concord Administrator, Mr. Andy Rose.

The defeat of the Concord Fire Levy last year was taken as a personal defeat by Mr. Rose. He expressed to citizens that he believes the township was “out-marketed” by those opposed to the levy, and he will ensure that does not happen the next time they place the levy on the ballot. He said the “gloves are coming off”.

The Concord Trustees spent a great deal of time and effort holding meetings with interested citizens, for which we complimented them profusely. However, there are still many taxpayers that do not share the same views as the elected officials, fire chief, and the administrator. Unfortunately, in this community that is not tolerated by the current and even former government officials.

For the last few months, taxpayers on both sides of the issue have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to persuade the citizens of their point of view. However, Mr. Rose has chosen a darker approach by bullying, coercing citizens, and employing a “divide and conquer” strategy to change the minds of voters. His tactics are one of intimidation, and I see it being emulated in the NextDoor social app by the employees of Concord Township. They are by default “trolls” of Andy Rose.

Equally disturbing is the fact that the three Concord Trustees, Ms. Amy Lucci, Mr. Carl Dondorfer, and Mr. Morgan McIntosh have allowed this toxic environment to continue unabated. They have allowed the Township’s Fire Chief, Matt Sabo, and other employees to intimidate voters to the point that the owners of NextDoor removed some of the more harmful comments. It is really quite shameful behavior, and will do irreparable harm to the well-being of the community. Real leaders would not let that happen.

Divide and conquer and prying into residents’ actions appears to be second nature for Mr. Rose. Here are some of his comments to my friends, and directly to me, with the intent of trying to besmirch my character:

  1. How can Massie, a staunch conservative, deal with [name redacted], a staunch liberal. [Note to Andy: It is called respecting the other person’s views. It does not mean that we can ever agree on all life’s issue, but at least recognize their existence and acknowledge their right to a point of view.]
  2. Did you know that Massie got a reduction in his property taxes, and then tried to sell his house for more than the appraised value. [Note to Andy: I have done a lot of research in the Ohio Revised Code, but could not find that to be illegal.. If you have the code section dealing with that issue, please let me know.]
  3. Super sleuth Andy informed me directly that he knows that I gave some money to the Affordable Concord Taxes group, but did not give money to the Defend Concord group. (a group fighting the Town Center concept) [Note to Andy: We still say you were creating dossiers on Concord residents. You are exceeded your authority as the Administrator, and residents need to know that you are not above opening any door, or pulling back any curtain to get inside information on residents. That is very disturbing conduct on behalf of any government official.]

I received the following text messages from Mr. Andy Rose on 9/12/20:

For the record, I was told that the picture taken by ACT was to be posted on NextDoor on 9/12. There was NEVER the intent to denigrate the firefighters. Quite frankly, we have been fighting for the Trustees to build Station 2 on Prouty road for almost a year. It should have been built ten years ago, but the sad sack trio of Paul Malchesky (D), Chris Galloway (R) and Connie Luhte (R) had a “wild hair” about building a Town Center that no one wanted, and stiffed the firefighters. So blaming ACT is totally unfair, but understandable given Mr. Rose’s bullying tactics reinforced by the Fire Chief’s irresponsible comments.

Guilt by association”…Andy Rose

Ladies and gentlemen of Concord Township, we give you Mr. Andy Rose’s standard for blaming average Concord residents for actions that they have not taken. If you have ever associated with a person or group that Mr. Rose is diametrically opposed to, then you are guilty of anything that any member of that group has done or maybe even will do in the future. No need to object…you are guilty in Mr. Rose’s world that has no room for opposing opinions.

Mr. Rose, you are a corrosive, dividing force in the community. You have appointed yourself judge, jury and executioner – a very scary proposition – and we are sure that is not in your job description. Do not cross Andy Rose because he knows how to “take the gloves” off. The sycophants on NextDoor have emulated your caustic style and that further divides us.

Here is an example of Mr. Rose in action:

These comments were captured from the NextDoor app

Carl Dorndorfer, Concord Trustee, has confirmed that the “Andrew Rose” posting on the NextDoor app is none other that Andy Rose, Concord’s Administrator. Mr. Rose clearly demonstrates that he will take any and all actions to intimidate and divide the community. We have confirmed that he is in violation of the NextDoor rules by providing a fictitious name and address.

  • Nextdoor’s Member Agreement requires that every member use their full, real name on Nextdoor. By real name, we mean the first name that you use when introducing yourself to neighbors, friends, and colleagues and your legal last name.
  • Nextdoor aims to provide a safe, online space where neighbors can discuss the types of things they’d share in person. To facilitate this sense of trust, membership in a neighborhood is available only to those that reside in or own a home in the community. We also require that all members verify their address.

To the Concord Trustees, by using Mr. Rose’s new standard for proving guilt, we, hereby, find all three of you and Fire Chief Sabo of being guilty of dividing the community as well. You have chosen to associate with, and “hitch your wagon” to Mr. Rose; and therefore, we must declare you guilty. The evidence is irrefutable, and not subject to appeal.

You could not just let the citizens decide on November 3rd. We are now witnessing your “likes” on NextDoor to the more offensive statements by the trolls. You allowed Rose and his cadre of trolls to intimidate, bully and harass Concord seniors. We were not even allowed to express an opinion without a diatribe of mean and hurtful comments on NextDoor. You, obviously, have bought into the offensive cancel culture that is permeating our society.

To the Concord Trustees: We hereby request that Mr. Andy Rose be immediately terminated from his duties as the Concord Township Administrator. He is guilty of creating a toxic environment, dividing the citizens, and intimidating the seniors in the community.


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