Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio Updates

Barry Sheets Legislative ConsultantThis week we celebrated the birth of the Constitution, a document that has guided this country uniquely for over 230 years. We now work to get policymakers to follow the Constitution, and to secure the promises of our Declaration of Independence that our Inalienable Right to Life is extended to all of us, both born and unborn.  


1.  If you don’t think your vote matters, perhaps hearing from our ideological opponents might change your perspective. In recent social media , the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has alerted its supporters that if President Donald Trump wins reelection, then they clearly foresee the end of abortion rights coming in the next four years. They then doubled down on their support (both in votes and in money) of Joe Biden’s candidacy, especially  since Kamala Harris’ voting record in the Senate with them is 100%. Your vote does matter, and may matter most pointedly to the millions of unborn children whose lives are in the balance in the next four years. 

2. If NARAL doesn’t convince Pro-Lifers to get to the ballot box and Vote for Life, then perhaps the report issued by Catholic Vote might do the trick. This 93 page document  looks at Joe Biden’s 47 year public career and his positions and votes on a number of key social issues. The takeaway from this report? Catholic Vote states that “Joe Biden now represents the most pro-abortion presidential nominee in American history.” And whether it is called the Biden-Harris ticket, or the Harris-Biden ticket (as Biden has done repeatedly), the outcome is still the same: the most pro-abortion ticket in history.  

3. However, some voices in the public seem to think that the pro-life issue is not really all that important in this election.  While doing an interview with The View (a bastion of leftist ideology), former Republican Ohio Governor and opponent of the Heartbeat Bill, John Kasich, tried to defend his indefensible endorsement and public support for the Biden-Harris ticket by saying  that the issue of abortion is “dwarfed” by Biden “pulling us together” appealing to “the power of God” to help us overcome division. Umm, Mr. Kasich, Biden wants to “pull us together” by pulling apart babies in the womb. Kasich really should actually pick up a Bible and read the words of God that he so often shows he misunderstands completely, especially those parts about God abhorring the shedding of innocent blood . 

4. More thinking turned upside down: Kasich is not the only one to succumb to the political seduction of leftist ideology. The United Nations has also shown their moral and intellectual  schizophrenia by choosing abortionist Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng as the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health. Dr. Mofokeng’s main platform: decriminalizing prostitution, including teen prostitution.

Numerous human rights organizations and pro-life advocacy groups are rightly aghast at this appointment. Perhaps it’s past time to send the UN packing from U.S. soil! 

5. Another group whose thinking may need to be checked with the Bible as well is the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests (AUSCP), based out of Tiffin.  They have recently blasted the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast for giving an award to Attorney General of the United States William Barr.  Although one of their concerns is a legitimate  issue of contemplation and dialogue (the death penalty), their other is purely political—they are upset that President Trump gave a speech in front of St. John’s Episcopal church during the D.C. riots, calling it a “ political photo op”. The bigger problem: AUSCP is fully supportive of the “peaceful protests” that generated this so-called “photo op” in front of the church that had been set on fire by the “peaceful” protesters! 

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio is an association of metropolitan, county and local pro-life organizations. RTLACO focuses on developing and strengthening local grass roots pro-life leadership, true representative governing for the statewide organization, a commitment to a consistent and holistic pro-life standard to evaluate both policies and elected officials/candidates, and collaborative engagement to develop priorities for action.


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