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Three Different Groups on the Abortion Issue

Written by Deacon Henry 9/21/20
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The following is something I have prayed about for the last week or so. In what I am saying, I hope to explain why I seem so strong in my opinion to not support a pro-choice position/candidate. This is not due to any disrespect to women or their rights regarding their reproduction options, but rather it is solely based on my God-based beliefs. I understand many of you will not agree and I get that, but I would hope you would hear me out to at least understand my position.

I honestly believe we do not listen enough to each other and we jump to anger and frustration before opening our ears and hearts to each other. I also don’t think we explore our often held, very hard positions from both sides to get a sense of where others are coming from.

So, as a Catholic Christian minister, one of my main roles is to help people to come to God and lead a life which brings them to eternal life. From my beliefs, this life is not the end all and be all, but rather the next life is. So let’s discuss the idea of God and Heaven for a moment.

Group #1

I’m sure that many people who are pro-choice don’t believe in God and for many don’t believe that a fetus is a life. So for them pro-choice is a choice made by a woman or couple since they are the ones most affected by their decision. Who are we to interfere with their right to chose what’s best for them?

Group #2

Others believe in God, but likely see a very compassionate God who doesn’t judge and so basically all people go to heaven regardless of their choices in life. So for them, this pro-choice idea might not feel right for themselves, but they don’t feel it is up to them to judge others. After all, isn’t that Scriptural?

Group #3

The third group believe in God but believe in two aspects of God. He is loving and just. His lovingness is portrayed through the Scripture, and his ability to forgive is extensive. But, there is an equal amount of Scripture which discusses the good and bad people, the wheat and the chaff, the happy and those who are looking up from the depths of despair after they die. It is also this group’s belief that taking another life from the moment of conception to natural death is killing and a serious sin.

Can God forgive serious sins, of course, but only after we change our behavior and repent. By the way, this sinful act is not only aborting a child but also intentionally killing anyone, euthanasia and even capital punishment. Are there times when any of these deaths are permitted? Sure, particularly when protecting the life of another. But of all the lives which are intentionally taken in the world, we know that only a small subset fall into this category.

So what is a clergy member to do? It is likely clear that I fall into group 3. I believe it is my role to explain God as based in Scripture, not opinion, and do it in a loving and non-judgmental way. Judging a sinful act is perfectly acceptable and encouraged by Holy Scripture but judging the person is not. Although this can seem complex, it really isn’t.

A parent can get angry at a child for doing something wrong but still loves their child. If through my efforts I can help bring someone closer to God and ultimately to everlasting life, then I’ve done my job. If I am wrong and groups 1 or 2 are more reflective of the world and God, at least you can understand my intent. Amen!


Say What?

[Brian Massie’s Comments: I have read this a couple of times, and have to admit being very confused. If we are to help others that have strayed from the narrow path, how can we do it without declaring what they have done is sinful.

I had to pull my support from a Democrat candidate running in Lake County because the candidate would not reveal publicly their anti-abortion stance. It was stated that the candidate was neither pro-life or pro-choice. Unfortunately, to run for public office you must “sell your soul” and not deviate from the Party platform so that you can get the Party’s endorsement and financial support.]

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