Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

[[LFC Comments: Thanks to our Italian lobbyist for this article, and much more that we will be sharing with our readers in due time. Perhaps we should file the CoVid-19 pandemic under “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.]


Emerging Science Is Slowly Talking Modern Medicine Out Of Lockdowns, Mask Wearing And A Vaccine

By Bill Sardi          September 16, 2020

Excerpts from the article:

Herd immunity not allowed

The primary thrust of public health directives has been to keep the population fearful and therefore compliant and vulnerable to infection and in desperate need of a vaccine.  In the absence of a vaccine people need to be exposed and infected to activate sufficient antibodies to produce long-term immunity.  That is what is called herd immunity.

But by socially distancing and wearing masks, any herd immunity would theoretically be slowed, or delayed indefinitely.  Health authorities are talking out of two sides of their mouth.  It is possible there will never be a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.  Herd immunity is plan B, but lockdowns and face-masks run counter to the development of herd immunity.

Financial incentives skew death rate

Financial incentive may be a reason for up-coding hospital insurance billings for pneumonia or tuberculosis to COVID-19 that result in falsely high pandemic numbers.

Meanwhile, back in the good old US-of-A hospitals oppose a new ruling that a positive COVID-19 blood test be required for Medicare funding of care.  US hospitals say the requirement unfairly deprives them of relief money established by Congress.

Legislation in March of 2020 provided US hospitals a 20% boost to the standard federal Medicare reimbursement for each patient admitted for COVID-19 coronavirus. ]

[LFC Comments: “Follow the money”, it is always “follow the money”. How many false claims have been submitted just to get the additional 20% from Medicare?]

But the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) added a requirement, which took effect Sept. 1.  For hospitals to receive the funding, each patient must have a documented positive Covid-19 lab test.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is concerned that without a lab test showing someone has Covid-19, hospitals may code hospital admissions for lung infections incorrectly as having the virus and erroneously receive the 20% add-on.

Unexposed populations had prior infection and immunity

Furthermore, it was discovered that coronavirus-killing T-cells were evidenced in 40-60% of populations that were not priorly exposed to COVID-19.  How could this be?

So many millions of people with prior exposure to “common cold” coronaviruses were already immune to COVID-19.  The need to intensely enforce social distancing is reduced by 50% if a third of the population is already immune.  Don’t tell the overly compliant masses or derelict health authorities.

Draconian measures unjustified

The lockdowns and social distancing and mask wearing measures are categorically ineffective.  It’s not easy for modern medicine to concede that.

In fact, lockdowns just resulted in forty percent (40%) of elderly patients are getting sick from family members in the same apartments.

CDC recommends people who have had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes) with someone with confirmed COVID-19 should undergo testing for COVID-19.

Most people will not come into prolonged proximity with others outside the home.  The glove/mask wearing and hand washing measures become superfluous stress relievers, that is all.

No need for vaccine

Taiwan, Thailand and Ireland don’t need a vaccine.  Maybe even the US would realize it will not significantly benefit from vaccination if its death count was real rather than inflated by categorizing normal seasonal pneumonia as COVID-19.

Thailand is not issuing a purchase order for a vaccine from major pharmaceutical manufacturers as other countries are.  Thailand plans to develop their own homegrown vaccine.  But Thai people don’t need to be vaccinated.  An estimated 68,999,942 Thailanders would have to be vaccinated to save one life (~8 in 10 million).

If modern medicine were a science-based profession, it would heed these new findings in infectious disease.  But we know it isn’t a science-based industry.  Given the fact an estimated 65,000 additional lives have been lost in the US each month due to the lockdown, not the coronavirus, there is urgency to lift needless lockdown and other measures be classified as optional.  Dr. Scott Atlas says the COVID-19 lockdown “will go down as the most heinous misapplication of public policy in modern America.”

[LFC Comment: One can only wonder what additional lies, deceptions and betrayals will be thrust upon an all too trusting American public.]


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