Sheriff Richard Mack…a true Constitutional Sheriff…Leonbruno may want to listen to him

LFC Comments: Can we count on Lake County Sheriff Leonbruno to protect our civil liberties and rights? We have tried to reach out to Sheriff Leonbruno to answer our questions, and he choses to ignore us. Quite frankly, we are concerned by his cavalier attitude toward responsible citizens.

The following video has the famous Constitutional Sheriff Richard Mack explaining the U.S. Constitution, and the obligation of the County Sheriff to prevent socialism and communism from taking over the U.S. Here is a bio on Sheriff Mack.

For any concerned citizen, you may want to contact Sheriff Leonbruno and demand that he answer any questions that you may have. Unfortunately, he may be emulating many of the Lake County politicians, and ignoring the citizens except at election time. Since he is running unopposed in November, he is not motivated to communicate with the average citizen, but has time to be a political hack in commercials promoting his fellow Republicans running for office.

When asked at a Republican Central Committee meeting about protecting us…Leonbruno’s answer: “He will always follow the law.” Our question is: “Which law?”

Sheriff Mack’s suggestion to everyone: “Never trust anyone in government. Always be checking up on them.” Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Sheriff Leonbruno…how do we know that you will defend our rights? Your silence is shameful.


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