Crimes Against Humanity

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Joe Shearey for this letter regarding Governor DeWine’s and his Medical Director’s actions.]

To LFC: There are Lawyers looking into the Covid-19 issue to discover what is really going on. Renz Law is one of those legal firms who are doing that investigation. Below is an E-mail I sent them regarding my thoughts concerning Crimes Against Humanity..

Renz Law
1907 W. State St.
Fremont, Ohio 43420

Attn: Attorney Thomas Renz

Dear Mr. Renz,

I am thrilled to learn that you have a background in the Nuremberg Trial. I have often thought of how we, America, could apply those judgements against the mask requirements of the  grocery stores here in the USA. Do let me know whether my thoughts have a modicum of applicability and merit.

As I understand it, there was a group of Nazi’s concentration camp supervisors who , as their defense, claimed that they were only “ following orders” when they killed the prisoners.  As you know, this defense was not acceptable. The judges saw through their lack of compassion for human  life and judged and prosecuted  them for committing the crimes  against humanity.

Now comes Gov. Dewine and makes  laws, through the Medical Health  Department, for the shutting down of Ohio, forcing mask wearing, social distancing on the people, all of which devastated and continues to devastate  Ohio. His and the Medical Department’s “laws” did more damage than an invading army. And the grocery stores and restaurants who  enacted their own policies in support of the dictates of Gov. Dewine and the Health Department became part of the Ohio’s economic  demise.

To me, these store policies were just  businesses  “following orders” for  fear of being shut down.  Considering that in our present  means of existence and the type of economy  we have, that except for  a few restricted hunters, there is no predominance of hunter-gathers to ensure an adequate  food supply for the people. We owe our existence to the farmers and cattlemen and a distribution system for the availability food and supplies through stores for our livelihood.

These dictates effectively ban food and supplies from the people. Because of this, I believe  that  stores who “follow orders” by incorporating business  policies banning  entrance to their stores because of not wearing masks are now complicit in crimes against humanity.

Do you think that we can hold the all the stores, especially the food stores, who required a mask for entry, liable for crimes against humanity or for any crime? I encourage you to take any legal action available and necessary to punish these stores.

Your comments please.

I will be on the conference call this October 6, 2020 with Ohio Stands Up and you at 12:00pm noon. Perhaps you can discuss this then.


Joe Shearey


[LFC Comments: We hope that Joe will update our readers with his progress.]

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