DeWine Turns His Back On The Pro-Life Community

Gov. Mike Dewine Turns His Back on the Pro-Life Community

From our friends at Toledo Right to Life who are fellow members of the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio
[LFC Comments: Governor DeWine will definitely have trouble being re-elected Governor. He has chosen the wrong gate.]

On September 16th, the Board of Directors of Greater Toledo Right to Life, by a unanimous vote of members present, rescinded the 2015 “Champion for Life Award” granted to Mike DeWine when he was the Attorney General of Ohio in 2015. 

Although Governor DeWine signed the Heartbeat Bill shortly after taking office, this unusual and painful step was a direct result of Governor DeWine repeatedly turning his back on his pro-life constituents since the spring of 2017. 

His actions include:
He ignored and failed to respond to official complaints filed with the Ohio Department of Health, requalifying and relicensing of the Capital Care Clinic abortion facility after the Ohio Supreme Court revoked their license. Both as Attorney General and as Governor, he not only failed to look into the matter, but he downright refused to acknowledge the complaints.

He was directing the Ohio Department of Health Director to renew the ambulatory surgical center license of Women’s Med in Dayton, Ohio. This was done again after revocation of the licenses was upheld by the Ohio Court of Appeals.

DeWine told our organizations that he specifically directed Acton to renew the license. After seeking our endorsements and the endorsements of the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO), he specifically told our leadership that he wanted our input on a new Director of the Ohio Department of Health in early 2017.

Failing to take our recommendations into account, he appointed Dr. Amy Acton instead and told our organizations we would be pleased with her. Months later, it came to light that Acton had been involved in approving grants to Planned Parenthood, had been a registered Democrat actively engaged in the election campaign of Barack Obama and his anti-life policies.

While acting as the Ohio Department of Health’s Director, DeWine’s appointee allowed abortion clinics to operate after their licenses had expired.

He requested a meeting with pro-life leaders from around the state and then failed to attend. He then failed to respond to our complaint of abusive language and conduct used by his staff in that same meeting. 

He has cut off all contact with the pro-life leadership organizations throughout the state.

Following the resignation of Amy Acton as Director of ODH, DeWine announced the appointment of Dr. Joan Duwve, who previously worked for Planned Parenthood as a volunteer coordinator. The Columbus Dispatch reported that DeWine was fully aware of her background when he selected her. Duwve withdrew her name from consideration. 

We regret that Governor DeWine has turned his back on his pro-life supporters. He has repeatedly misled us, taken action that accommodates the murder of thousands of babies, and refused to concern himself with our objections. 

The DeWine – Husted administration has failed to maintain their commitment to the pro-life voters. We hereby rescind and revoke the “Champion for Life Award” granted to Mike DeWine in 2015. 

Respectfully,Jeffrey Barefoot, President,
Greater Toledo Right to LifeEd Sitter,
Executive Director, Greater Toledo Right to Life

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  1. Probably would lose even if he ran for dog catcher.Dewhine is a major wimpy, spineless, hypocrite Governor. Hopefully his political career is over.Bob Zames

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  2. Thank you for bringing this information to our attention.


  3. Vote this election!


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