Jerry Cirino…losing his composure in Commissioners’ meeting

We believe that everyone realizes that we see the “real person” when someone is under pressure. Their true personality, and how they treat people when they lose their composure, comes to the surface for all to witness.

Here is the complete video of Mr. Joe Shriver speaking to the Commissioners on October 8th. Watch Cirino come unglued, and display his true personality.

The complete video of Mr. Joe Shriver speaking to the Lake County Commissioners.

Here is a six second clip of Commissioner Jerry Cirino losing composure and incorrectly, maliciously blaming Brian Massie for providing the information on Brian Durdle to Mr. Shriver.

State Senate Candidate Jerry Cirino lashes out against an average citizen. Is this who we want as our State Senator? Remember, if he can do it to one of us, he can do it to others that question his conduct while in office. You are seeing the real Jerry Cirino in action.

Cirino’s initial reaction is to bear false witness against Brian Massie of Lobbyists for Citizens. He stated that the information that Mr. Shriver shared with the Commissioner came from Brian Massie, and he has not been a credible source, in the past.

The truth is that Mr. Shriver had filed a public records request with the Commissioners, and Mr. Dave Hackman, Assistant Prosecutor, sent the records to Mr. Shriver as required by law. The other revealing, disturbing fact is that Mr. Hackman knew that Mr. Cirino was stating a falsehood, but did nothing to correct Mr. Cirino publicly.

Questions for Mr. Hackman: Do you consider that as appropriate conduct for a member of the Prosecutor’s office? Is the truth a fleeting, utopian ideal for our Prosecutor’s office? Is the Prosecutor’s policy to protect the Republican officeholders and/or candidates at all costs? Really, how do you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning? For you to question Brian Massie’s “decorum” in a Commissioners’ meeting, and to pull this stunt is shameful. You have no honor!


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  1. What is wrong with this man and how did he get elected to anything?!??! He is a wannabe dictator!!!


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