Jerry Cirino…cease and desist letter to Republican State Central Committee

[LFC Comments: In the interest of total transparency and fairness, we are providing a forum to the Betsy Rader campaign to refute the misleading television ad that the Republican State Central Committee has funded on behalf of Jerry Cirino, candidate for the State Senate.]


[LFC Comment: Betsy Rader continues…]

As some of you may be aware, Jerry Cirino has begun airing false ads about Betsy Rader on tv.  Technically, Cirino is not paying for the ad. The Republican Senate Campaign Committee is paying for the ad.

They couldn’t find anything real about Betsy that would turn off voters, so they resorted to misrepresenting what happened in a case against a company where she worked 25 years ago —  a case where Betsy was part of the solution, not part of the problem. The judge, in fact, dismissed the case because after Betsy was brought in and overseeing sexual harassment training, there were no other complaints. The original complaints occurred years before Betsy worked there.


[LFC Comments: Stay tuned, this “moronic blog” (Cirino’s derisive name for us) will be exposing much more of Cirino’s shenanigans for the last four years. In our opinion, he is not a “man for the people”, and loves the reflection he sees in the mirror each day. We have been told by an elite Republican that when asked why he wanted to be State Senator, good old Jer says: “It sounds good”.

Dealing with the peasants is difficult for good old Jer. It is so hard to be humble from the throne, isn’t it?]

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  1. Well, unfortunately, unless you are voting for Biden or 3rd party, you have to vote for the Republican ticket on the federal level. If we lose any seats in either house we effectively lose the Presidency. We’ve got someone fighting for us…don’t screw it up!

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