Detecting Deception in Beavercreek. Ohio

[LFC Comments: Public schools continue to push the LGBTQ agenda in Beavercreek, Ohio. Makes one wonder why they continue to focus on the cultural issues as opposed to the three R’s? Home schooling is looking better all the time, rather than let these ultra leftists spend time with children.]


Ohio Middle School Homosexual Survey Angers Parents

Linda Harvey

October 12, 2020

Excerpts from the article:

“In the Beavercreek, Ohio school district, students recently received a “school climate” survey online from a group called “YouthTruth Student Surveys” and parents are livid about the intrusive nature of the survey itself, particularly one question that middle schoolers were asked.”

“The problematic question was this: “Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?” Options given: “Straight/heterosexual; Gay or lesbian; Bisexual; Pansexual; Asexual; or, Questioning my sexual orientation.”

“The school sent an apology to parents, saying that question was not supposed to be included in the middle school survey.”

“Parents are expressing doubt that this was a mistake. I tend to agree, knowing the “catch-us -if -you-can” attitude of on-site activist teachers/staff in way too many schools. Parents are demanding to know who was responsible for including this question in the survey and asking for the resignation of Superintendent Paul Otten.”

“We have a new club starting up here at Coy called the Allies Club. The mission of this club is to raise awareness and educate ourselves and the student body on topics relating to the LGBTQ+ community.”


[LFC Comments: We could find no mention of the Beavercreek school starting up a Bible study class, or even allowing the Bible to be read on the school grounds.]

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