Lake County Results…

A total of 78.5% of the Lake County registered voters cast a ballot on the November 3rd ballot. Here is a link to the Lake County Elections Board website.

The people have spoken…congratulations to those that won…A rather impressive run for the Republicans…

Dave Joyce (R) – 14th Congressional District
Jerry Cirino (R) – 18th District State Senate
Dan Troy (D) – 66th District State Representative
Jamie Callender (R) 61th District State Representative
Jason Wuliger (R) Lake County Commissioner
John Hamercheck (R) Lake County Commissioner
Chris Galloway (R) Auditor
Faith Andrews (R) Clerk of Courts
Becky Lynch (R) Recorder
Mike Zuren (R) Treasurer
John O’Donnell (Non) Judge
Jennifer Brunner (Non) Judge
Matt Lynch (Non) Judge
Sara Koover (Non) Judge

Congratulations to Ross McDonald, Jan Clair and the entire Lake County Board of Elections team for a very well run election under challenging circumstances. We assure you that your efforts are REALLY appreciated.

A tip of the hat to Rob, the voter location manager at the St. Bede’s voting location, and his entire team that worked so very well together to ensure a positive voting experience for the citizens.


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