Democrats Brag About Creating Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization…Believe Them

LFC Comments: Please listen to Joe Biden brag about the Democrats creating the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Joe Biden sold out his country for money. When the enemy now tells the truth, believe him.

WTPC Calls for All Votes Received After Election Day to be Invalidated and DOJ/FBI Investigations into Election Fraud

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio based TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called upon the US Supreme Court to invalidate all ballots that were received after Tuesday’s election.

He also called for a full Investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) of the United States Postal Service, and the Postal Union, its administrators and employees who have implemented and participated in a massive election fraud scheme to back-date illegal ballots to make them legal and have participated in a national effort to destroy and misdirect ballots.

The WTPC also called for Federal investigations into the coordinated and systemic efforts by Democrat/Socialist State, county and local election officials in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others to affect the outcome of Tuesday’s election by intentionally delaying the submission of votes from highly democrat districts until all votes from highly republican districts were counted, so that the total number of votes “necessary” to orchestrate an illegal win for Democrat/Socialist candidate Joe Biden and others could be calculated and then illegal votes could be put into the vote counts to achieve illegal victories.

Zawistowski explained, “It is a fact that President Donald Trump clearly won the Presidential Election on Tuesday by a wide margin when all legal votes were counted. Since then we have seen documented systemic illegal election activity mainly by two groups: the employees of the United States Postal Service and the Postal Employees Union, which endorsed Democrat Joe Biden on August 14th, and by Democrat/Socialist State, county and local election officials.

The three Project Veritas videos released since the election, and many other media stories, clearly establish a wide-ranging effort by U.S. Postal service administrators and employees to intentionally back-date illegal ballots and to participate in the destruction of legal ballots.”

Zawistowski added, “Furthermore, the illegal counting of millions of ballots without the constitutionally guaranteed rights to observe this counting by all candidates and all political parties, again, in nearly all cases by Democrat/Socialist State, county and local officials, invalidates ALL of those ballots and they must be struck by the courts from the final ballot count. This egregious illegal activity has continued despite court orders to allow it! 

Logic dictates that the only reason that Democrat/Socialist election officials would not want to have oversight of the counting of these ballots was because they were not legal ballots and should not have been counted and they were being manufactured in order to affect the outcome of the election. We are seeing clearly that, against all statistical probability, the vast majority of all those ballots are going suspiciously to Democrat/Socialist candidates and eroding President Donald Trump’s margin of victory hour by hour until, like in Wisconsin and Michigan, they reach the total needed to flip the election. That is without doubt voter fraud and We the People will NOT ACCEPT it.

These facts alone require the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and protect the integrity of this Federal Election, if state and lower courts will not, by invalidating ALL of these illegal ballots and even perhaps to call for a re-vote in some states because the results have been so corrupted.”

Zawistowski continued, “Let me make it crystal clear, our organization and its thousands of members will not accept the outcome of this election unless this election fraud is totally eliminated and only legal votes are counted. The people conducting and coordinating these election fraud activities are committing federal crimes and we DEMAND that AG Bill Barr and the FBI Director Christopher Wray conduct thorough and timely investigations and then charge the people involved in these crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

The fact is that our federal agencies, and the media, should have been on the lookout for this type of activity for months and should have stopped the people who were plotting these activities before they even happened. They have all failed the American people by letting massive voter fraud take place right under their noses despite their massive resources only to have a small scrappy internet service like Project Veritas do their job for them and expose what is really taking place.
Zawistowski concluded, “It is clear to me and all of the American people that it is an “open secret” in places like Milwaukee, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Pennsylvania, in fact in ALL corrupt Democrat/Socialist run cities, that these election officials intended to rig this election from the start. This was obvious by their public statements and actions prior to the elections. It goes all the way back to election night 2016 when the media and state election officials intentionally delayed announcing the final ballot counts for Pennsylvania until 3:00 AM as these same election officials in Philadelphia scrambled unsuccessfully to manufacture enough illegal ballots to deny then candidate Trump the election back then.

This time, they used “mail-in” ballots to provide the tool they needed to be able to create as many illegal ballots as needed to flip the election. That is exactly what they are doing not only in Philadelphia, but in Milwaukee, Detroit, and Las Vegas and even in the Democrat/Socialist suburbs of Atlanta. This corruption has been going on for DECADES but it ends now. Their corrupt activities need to be invalidated by the courts, the state legislatures and the US Congress, and then the FBI and DOJ must prosecute and punish those involved for the most serious of crimes against the American people and that is the invalidation of their legal votes by illegal votes in an election.”


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