It’s a Coup…with no winners, only losers

LFC Comments: This election has clearly shown to us how far our country has fallen. Free and fair election are the hallmark of a democracy. (Yes, we know that we are a constitutional republic). We can add another “D” to the Democrat label – distortion, as in “the distortion of facts”.

So when you see the “D” designation next to a candidate’s name, think of these labels:

Death, Dismemberment, Deceit, Deception, Demonic, Devious, Diabolical, Despicable, Draconian, Distortion

There are no winners in this election, and the biggest losers are the American citizens, who have been betrayed by the elite ruling class in both parties. We sincerely hope that the main stream media pays a prices for their skullduggery.

BOMBSHELL! DOJ has evidence that ‘Scorecard’ and ‘Hammer’ software was used to digitally change votes from Trump to Biden

Our hopes are not lifted when we hear that the F.B.I. or the D.O.J. are reviewing potential fraud. We have lost total confidence in all of our federal agencies to do the right thing and follow the rule of law. They all have political agendas.

We are the new Resistance Movement….We will not give up, or give in to the socialists / communists…


There’s No Hiding It…It’s a Coup

By Ray DiLorenzo —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 7, 2020

There's No Hiding It…It's a Coup
“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

What we are witnessing from a front row seat, is nothing less than a carefully orchestrated coup d’état, the third coup attempt inflicted on President Trump. The first being the Russia conspiracy fiction, the second being the failed impeachment.

In an election where Democrats are getting a shellacking everywhere, Donald Trump is losing big?

The above quote, I believe, is no lie. Biden told the world a few years back that Seal Team Six conducted the raid on bin Laden, putting the SEALS and their families in grave danger. Was that a gaffe or dementia? I don’t believe Biden is aware of what he says much of the time or their consequences. Whether gaffe or dementia, Biden told us the truth.

The Washington and corporate establishment, or swamp, if you prefer, was not going to accept an outsider, someone they could not control. For Donald Trump to be President of the United States meant the end of their power base, a threat to their rice bowl. This establishment takes care of themselves, not the citizens of this country. Contingencies were probably discussed the moment Donald Trump rode down the escalator. The conspirators were not going to stoop to using third-world methods, storming the castle so to speak. They were going to use righteous indignation, fabricated stories of Russian collusion, protecting democracy, yada, yada.

I have seen many election returns over the years, but I never saw returns like those I witnessed on Tuesday and into the weekend. Every one of them apparently had one thing in common…the craving to report a Trump loss. States that had a Trump lead of 5 or 6 points with 89% of the vote in were held back, not called, but states with 40 or 50% of the vote in with Biden with a lead of 1 or 2% were called. We are being led to believe that in an election where Democrats are getting a shellacking everywhere, Donald Trump is losing big?

This coup was planned well in advance. Whether the Coronavirus was planned or just an opportunity, it makes no difference at this point. It was used. Pelosi and Schumer pushed hard to eliminate voting machines and move to paper ballots; it gave the Left ample opportunity to skew the election results. We’ve read every day of ballots destroyed, not delivered, found in dumpsters, altered, held back during counting, back-dated, and harvested. For any criminal organization, it was a field day.

The polls were purposely falsified to show Biden winning the election by a healthy margin, to give a sense of expectation. How could the polling be so wrong twice in a row? Never mind that Biden couldn’t draw flies, attracting maybe a few dozen people to a typical rally while Trump drew tens of thousands of dedicated fans at every rally. It is important to realize that these polls were not projections, but quotas.

The Democrat Party leadership has become an organized crime syndicate

Red states were apparently left alone since they couldn’t be contained, but battleground states or states that Democrats controlled or had Democrat governors were the main targets. When the voting showed Biden losing or not meeting the quota, they either introduced more mail-in ballots or stopped the counting for the day so ballots could be delivered overnight under the cover of darkness. The media did their part by purposely delaying the calling of some states to give them more time to manipulate the vote tallies. It was never more obvious than in Michigan where tens of thousands of mail-in ballots suddenly appeared overnight after the election. Some wards in Milwaukee reported more votes than registered voters, with a state turnout of more than 85%, something that has never occurred in their history. In Wisconsin, 112,000 Biden ballots appeared between 3:30am – 4:30am. In 6 Blue states where Trump had a healthy lead, they suddenly stopped counting. Philadelphia, the birthplace of our constitutional republic, had one area with 23,777 ballots for Biden and none for Trump. Pennsylvania changed counting procedures and regulations just prior to the election that enabled them to accept votes days after the election with many of them with no clear postmark. In South Carolina, a federal judge ruled that signatures on ballots did not have to match. North Carolina had 100% of their precincts reporting with Trump in the lead and it wasn’t called.

The Trump team needs to show that the USPS did not and could not deliver the mail-in ballots to a point where depending on them was a reasonable expectation. In addition, the mail-only voting in many states, due to differences in state laws, was either not possible or illegal. The legislators of the states of AZ, GA, PA, MI, NC, NV, and WI need to get involved and push for either an investigation or deem the elections in their states as invalid beyond correction and require new voting by machines and/or traditional absentee ballot.

The Democrat Party leadership has become an organized crime syndicate. It is filled with corruption and hatred for our country. They have caused our great nation to enter the realm of the third world.

As a nation, we cannot allow this corruption, this coup, to stand. Our nation will be changed forever in the eyes of the world. The honor, dignity, and prestige of our country is on the line.

Much of this nation has sinned greatly and will reap what it has sown, but for the rest of us…In God We Trust.


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