Call To Action For Patriots

[LFC Comments: The requests for help are coming in from all over the United States. Here is a CALL TO ACTION from a Geauga County lobbyist.]


You are probably aware that contributions can be made to the massive cost of conducting the preparation to challenge in court the  recent and ongoing corrupt counting of illegal votes in the 2020 General Election.

Free and fair elections are the cherished cornerstone of our AMERICAN tradition, a Constitutional right and must be defended vigorously.

At this point, the courts are the only option to fight this horrendous literal coup.

There is a 1000% match to contributions such that $100.00 will yield $1,000.00 to this monumentally important work.

This fraud, corruption and manifest evil must be exposed and defeated and it must happen right now-immediately.

Please remind our fellow Patriots that the 1000% match contributions can be made at

We can contribute cash now or blood later.

Fight On for Liberty and America


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