We Are Fighting To Win


Although there is a lot of chaff regarding the Presidential Election, I ask you to focus on what President Trump and his team are doing. What are they doing? What they always do, and that is to fight for us and for America! Think of all the things President Trump has overcome in his nearly four years in office:

    •    The Obama Administration spying on his campaign 

    •    Over 3 years of the Russia collusion hoax

    •    Impeachment over the phony Ukraine phone call scandal

    •    The Chinese virus lock down, and the subsequent tanking of the economy

    •    Big Tech censorship during the election

    •    Clear and documented voter fraud 

    •    And much more…..

And yet President Trump and his team are still fighting! In my opinion, it is our obligation and duty to stand and fight with the President and his team in any way we can!

Per yesterday’s Free Ohio Now press release, we are going to continue having rallies this weekend in support of the president, but as things evolve more may be asked of us such as supporting nationwide events, traveling to help our brethren in Pennsylvania and/or Michigan and perhaps much more.

Stay tuned, and stay positive! This is not over by a long shot!


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