DeWine Forms Stasi Group to Control the Citizens

Written by: An Average Citizen

LFC Comment: For the alleged 70% of Ohio residents that love Gov. DeWine, you may not want to read this article. We tried to control “Average Citizen”, but he was hell-bent on expressing his views on this Never-Trumper tyrant.


Well, Governor DeWine has taken his gaslighting with psychological manipulations to a whole new level. DeWine has to be compromised somehow, because his decisions defy logic. The truth about this tyrant will eventually be exposed for all to see. We are going to have to start pushing back with civil disobedience. Stay tuned, it is about to get very interesting in the State of Ohio

The Ohio Director of Health, with permission from the Governor of Ohio, has issued the following ORDER effective 11/16/20 at 12:01 am:

“I hereby ORDER that all persons wear facial coverings in or on Retail Premises in the State of Ohio as set forth in this Order.”

Facial Covering Defined: A facial covering (mask) shall be made of a cloth material or comparable material and shall fully cover the person’s nose, mouth and chin.

If the retail store does not comply the Stasi arm of the Ohio Department of Health Department, they can shut the business down for 24 hours. After the initial warning, the business can be permanently shut down.

The Stasi has solicited the aid of citizen collaborators. Anyone observing violations of this Order should notify the Ohio Department of Health Call center or the local health department.

There has been no mention of cash rewards yet for turning in fellow citizens – that may be down the road. People that “throw caution to the wind”, in order to breath, must not be trusted in Governor DeWine’s New World Order. YOU MUST SUBMIT TO HIS TYRANNY!

Here is a message for our Governor Mikey DeWine


[LFC Comments: Now, now “Average Citizen”, be nice to our Governor. He is being manipulated, and his socialist tendencies are just now coming to the forefront. We wonder if he will be joining Kasich and the other RINO’s in their move to the new Democrat Party?…Trump has exposed all the traitors…It was no accident that DeWine tested positive for Covid-19 when Trump showed up at Burke Lakefront Airport, and later tested negative…it was a signal to DeWine from the Trump team.— the message: GET LOST!]

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  1. It may be worse than that. Word is that Dewine has ties to the Clinton Foundation and Haiti. He took former health director Amy Acton there. Hmmmmm….the Clinton Foundation has been investigated preliminarily and an actual IG report states that there is evidence of Crimes Against Children. His compliance with the deep state globalists agenda could be due to the credit rating of the state OR it could be due to other reasons…or both. But Glinda…wasn’t he the guy who processed all those rape kits? Why yes grasshopper he was. But, but Glinda doesn’t that mean he’s a good guy? Well the priest class was supposed to be thought of as a group of men that could be trusted as well…vicars of Christ and all that you know. It’s time to take the blinders off people and wake up. Most of what you believe is half truths if not outright lies. All of our most sacred institutions have been infiltrated with evildoers. Awaken. You CAN handle the truth!

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  2. I find the timing of all this very interesting! It wasn’t long after Sydney Powell came out and said she has evidence of Governors and Attorneys General being paid by the CCP for this election fraud that spinless, feckless, weak-kneed DeWine came out with his rules about no more dancing, singing, or breathing. And, only moments later he is on the National stage encouraging President Trump to concede this rigged election. We need to flood this POS with calls and emails and let him know we know exactly what he is! I think the next Million MAGA March needs to head straight to Columbus!!

    Speaking of Million MAGA March in Columbus…does anyone have any information on how the marches went in the State Capitals? My husband and I went to DC and it was AMAZING!!!

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  3. Isn’t it astonishing just how widespread this is?? People are being locked out of PayPal, Patreon, Credit Cards, MailChimp, and social media, etc. This is horrific!!

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  1. Gov. DeWine Allows Thanksgiving Dinner to Proceed – Lobbyists for Citizens

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