Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” KJV

Written by T. Paine…

We contend that the frustration displayed by Glenn Beck in the following video is shared by many patriotic Americans. The lies, deceptions and betrayals by the Washington Deep State, the Demonic Democrat Party, and the feckless Republican Party is on the verge of destroying our country. All of the alphabet agencies, and the main stream media (including Fox News) are complicit in the deceptions. The rule of law is only used to keep the average citizen in check, but does not apply to the ruling elite and their well-connected donors.

The questions are: “Where do we go from here?” “What happens if Biden is elected? “What happens if Trump is elected?” “Who is the military backing?”

We are in for some very troublesome times in the next 60 days. Who do you trust?

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