Kirtland’s Mayor Potter…Roads Are Not Getting Any Better

LFC Comments by T. Paine: Here is another open letter to the Kirtland Mayor from a Kirtland resident. Mr. Potter and his cohorts on the City Council are feeling the heat from the residents. They are reaping what they have sown…it is not nice to fool the residents with unfulfilled promises.


Mr. Mayor, When Will you Fix Our Roads?

Written by: John Doe, Kirtland resident
Edited by LFC
November 30, 2020

My family has been in Kirtland for a very, very long time.  We love our little town and have seen many Mayors come and go.  We supported Kevin Potter in his run for Mayor.  

Our roads are a complete mess.  For years they have been patched and band-aided together.  Today, we have run out of options.   They are a complete and total disaster and with each winter they get worse.

I frequent Route 6 Tavern and Just One More.  I overhear the angry residents and their issues about how this city is being run.  I hear discontent about the dispatch being outsourced, the massive reductions in service personnel, and the unsightly appearance of our city hall.  These are fair corners but my issue is with roads.

Kevin Potter ran on a simple platform.  He said if elected he would fix the roads and NOT raise taxes.  He said he would manage the city finances better freeing up monies to fix our roads.  For this reason, I supported Kevin Potter.

Here we sit, one year into his mayorship.  The promised road repairs are nowhere to be found.  Worse yet, there is no plan on how we are going to fund the $14-17 Million necessary for the repairs.  Kevin was lobbying to put a major tax increase on the working class without a vote to fund the road repairs.  That was received with massive resistance forcing him to rescuing this horrible idea.  So what is next?

I simply want to know what every single Kirtland resident has a right to know:  Mr. Mayor when and how are you going to fix the roads you promised all of Kirtland you would fix?  You promised, we elected you, and now it is time to make good on your commitments.


John Doe
Kirtland Resident

P.S.  You would have to be an idiot to ever sign your name to such a letter as this in this small town.  I have witnessed the disgusting attacks on suspected authors.  I ain’t them.  And I am not going to allow you to do this to my family!  So, today I am John Doe!  How about you ask our Mayor why he has failed to deliver vs. attacking your neighbors for valid complaints?   DISGUSTED!!!

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  3. Maybe the city could spend less money on their police, stop letting the city of Willoughby take their money for the tickets they do extort from people, and open it up for new revenue for telecommunications. But that would involve corruption to stop, and our county commissioners are not interested in that.

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  5. He literally promised to fix the roads without raising taxes and hasn’t fixed the roads and now wants to raise taxes. What chance should he be given. He made a campaign promise he should have known he could not keep. It is called a bait and switch. He should not be given a pass for so egregiously misrepresenting himself in his campaign.

  6. No other mayor could fix the problem. The last mayor paved very little with a road levy. I heard 7 miles total. Give him a chance, we gave the past mayor’s a full term, his has just started.

  7. What is very confusing to LFC is how how profile Republicans (Cirino and Wuliger) could let a Democrat take over their city. How hard did they work for the incumbent Mayor that was defeated by Potter.

  8. You deserve what you voted for and get. What did you expect from a Democrat?

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