Ohio Schools Are A Disaster…drastic changes needed

[LFC Comments: Our lobbyist from Brecksville sent us this article regarding Ohio Department of Education. Someone needs to start questioning the intentions the State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria and the leftist leaning State Board of Education. Universal school choice vouchers will require the schools to compete for the children, and parents will have many more options for their children’s education. What we have is no longer acceptable!]


Written by: A Brecksville Lobbyist

Read  the riveting story in the link below.

It describes what our State of Ohio Dept. of Education had on their website from July 2020-September 2020 until a few people complained, and Superintendent DeMaria removed it.

No one was paying attention except progressive teachers who think they’re “doing good” by buying into critical race theory and the “CON-Continuing Oppression Narrative.”  Who will hold these appointed and hired “professionals” to account for “vetting materials” that are placed on the state website? They are all pointing fingers at each other. Sup. Paolo DeMaria needs to be questioned on the arbitrary methods used and asked to relinquish his position.

The Ohio Department of Education [ODE] is troubled with bad decision making. The Board of Education’s July 2020 approval of “Resolution 20 on Racial Equity” is just as destructive. It, too, insures that children will learn to hate each other, their parents, history and their country.

Why is it that the educators prefer to use social engineering tactics rather than teach basic skills to Ohio’s kids?

Ohio public education is in the toilet. Don’t think that the cry for racial justice in inner city schools is the bigger problem. [LFC Comment: When do we start “flushing these communists out of our education system?”]


Excerpts from the article:

“Ohio may be a red state with a Republican governor and state legislature, but the Ohio Department of Education kicked off this school year by promoting far-left, racialist, anti-police propaganda in the form of its recommended “Anti-Racist Allyship Starter Pack,” a resource for social studies teachers. The starter pack contains about 200 links to “antiracist” op-eds, essays, and blog posts, which exemplify what President Trump meant when he spoke of a “left-wing cultural revolution” in our schools “designed to overthrow the American revolution” in favor of “far-left fascism.”

“America today, like Arabia then,” the author continues, “is a land of superstition and idolatry. Its chief idol is made of neither stone nor wood. It is a nearly 300 year old idea called whiteness.” The article concludes that “Whiteness is a stone idol in the mind of white people in America that must be smashed to pieces like the idols of pre-Islamic Arabia.” Unless that happens, “there is no absolution possible.”

“And if the principal should wave off parents’ concerns about indoctrination and tell them that, like the Ohio Department of Education, their school “prioritizes equity and anti-racism and is committed to working toward those ends,” then those parents deserve another option. They deserve the opportunity to send their children to a school that doesn’t tell kids that their parents’ values must be smashed like pagan idols. And that’s another reason why Ohio, and all states, should provide families with school choice.”


Citizen action requested by our Brecksville lobbyist:

I want people to write the State Board of Ed. and the State Sup. Paolo DeMaria and ask for his resignation. This nonsense has to stop somewhere. I’ve listened to public testimony of the last 3 state  board meetings.

The majority of them, despite push back of 1619 and Res. 20, continue promoting the post-Floyd anti-racism white supremacy narrative. I conclude that social studies teachers can use/share any resources they want without oversight.

There are less standards than you may think. From the State superintendent and local administrators, the local community can choose or not to use the recommended website resources but also share much among teachers.

If students and parents fail to challenge the social justice advocacy, teachers, history revision, factual omission-teachers will continue indoctrinating kids.


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