Beware: Resistance May Be the Only Answer…Sheriff Leonbruno…are you listening?

[LFC Comments by “A Watchman on the Wall”: Tyranny leads to civil unrest, leads to civil disobedience, leads to civil war! Fellow travelers like Governor Cuomo are purposefully agitating the citizens, pushing them to the breaking point.

The immoral Communist Democrats and RINO’s do absolutely nothing against rioters and looters that burn down city blocks, but feel compelled to arrest a small business owner that is trying to feed his family. This shall not stand!

We were wondering if the Lake County Sheriff’s Department would pull the same undercover stunt that the New York Police Department did. We will never know until it happens because Sheriff Frank Leonbruno refuses to meet with Lake County citizens, and tell them how they can protect themselves, their family and their property. He has been quite disappointing, to date, as a public servant. His famous statement: “I will always follow the law”… The question is : “Will he follow unconstitutional laws?”

We do not have a friend in Sheriff Frank Leonbrunohe does not have our back…he is reaping what he has sown!


NY Bar Owner ARRESTED for Breaking COVID Rules After Serving Food to Undercover Cops

Is it just me, or have you found yourself wondering lately if we are still living in the land of the free?

A New York bar owner was arrested yesterday for breaking Governor Andrew Cuomo’s draconian COVID-19 rules after undercover police officers orchestrated a sting and ordered food from his establishment.

The Daily Caller reports:

The New York City sheriff’s deputies entered Mac’s Public House in Staten Island, New York, and ordered $40 worth of food and beverages, according to a sheriff’s office press release reported by the AP. After they ordered, uniformed officers entered the bar and proceeded to arrest and handcuff the establishment’s co-owner Danny Presti.

Mac’s Public House is located in an “orange zone” of New York, and is therefore not allowed to offer indoor dining per Gov. Cuomo’s outrageous COVID restrictions.

Presti was considered to be “trespassing” after he refused to leave his establishment, according to one of his lawyers, Lou Gelormino. The attorney was present at the time and was given a $5,000 summons after it was determined that he was an employee of the restaurant.

Needless to say, people are absolutely fed up with the unconstitutional controls taken by governors like Cuomo and are ready to fight back:

[Caution: Rough language]

It is safe to say that in New York, looting and destroying businesses is OK, yet keeping one open to feed your family and contribute to society is an arrestable offense. How did we get here?


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  1. I have no idea since he will not talk to the average citizens. We have been told that he knows how to run a sheriff’s department and a jail, but is a neophyte when dealing with the public. That still does not give us a warm, comfortable feeling that he supports us.

  2. I  wonder if our Sheriff would arrest  poll watchers like the police did in Georgia

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