Jim Walsh…and Lake County’s Kool Kids Klub

Republican Jim Walsh Censured by The Lake County Republican Party

There were fireworks at the Lake County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting on November 30th.  Instead of celebrating their tremendous victories in the November 3rd election, the specter of Jim Walsh loomed large.

The Executive Committee met to discuss the fate of Mr. Walsh.  We understand that it was well attended except for some untouchable elected officials, Commissioner (Senator elect) Jerry Cirino, Auditor Chris Galloway, and Prosecutor Chuck Coulson.  Commissioner elect Jason Wuliger attended the meeting but conveniently had to leave at 8 pm, just before the Jim Walsh discussion took place.  The people’s Commissioner John Hamercheck was in attendance for the entire on-line meeting.

Who is Jim Walsh and what was his current indiscretion that caused the Republican Party to want to have him “drawn and quartered”…excuse me, censured?

Mr. Walsh, a Willoughby Hills resident, is a recent addition to the Republican Central Committee.  Keep in mind that the role of a Central Committee person is to work for and promote candidates on the Republican side of the aisle.  We have been informed by leading Republicans that Mr. Walsh supported Mr. Kevin Malecek (D) in his Commissioner’s race against Mr. John Hamerchek (R).  He also did not support Congressman Dave Joyce, and that is never accepted by the Party elites – just ask Kim Laurie what happens to those that do not support “Just ‘Not So Transparent’ Dave”, even when you beat Chris Galloway in a primary for Commissioner.

However, here is the “third strike”, the “smoking gun”, if you will, that had the local Republicans storming the Party headquarters with torches and pitchforks.

Jim Walsh’s Facebook Page

Mr. Walsh (R) works in the Lake County Clerk of Courts office and supported his boss – Democrat Maureen Kelly.  In the world of Party politics, this is a major faux pax, an unforgiveable sin, and a cause for banishment from civilized society. If we were in Japan’s good old days, one could expect calls for Walsh to commit “hara-kiri” to maintain his family’s honor. 

We must admit that we are perplexed by the Voice of Willougby Hills’ conduct. If Walsh enjoys the Democrats so much, why didn’t he become a Central Committeeman for the Democrats?  What were his goals and objectives for signing up with the Republicans?

It is akin to Mr. Gabe Cicconetti, a former Democrat, “seeing the light” and joining the Republican Party.  One of his first efforts was to try to primary a sitting Republican, who was doing an outstanding job for the Lake County residents, in the Recorder’s office.  It was a bit of an inauspicious start for Mr. Cicconetti, we must say.

We do realize that membership in the Lake County cabal (a.k.a. the Kool Kids Klub -made up of D’s and R’s) definitely has financial benefits, bragging rights, influence and power for the well-connected.  

The Republican Party by-laws are very explicit about keeping the Party’s rank and file from straying too far off the reservation:

“No Republican officeholder, including Central Committee members, shall violate the Duties referenced in Section 2, or make a public endorsement of a non-Republican candidate who is opposed by a Republican Candidate. Should this occur, the Executive Committee or Central Committee may, by vote, impose sanctions as appropriate, including Censure, which shall be mailed at Party expense to all members of the Central Committee and Republican office holders as well as the Media. Any person who is subject to a continuing Censure, shall be prohibited from speaking at any Central or Executive Committee Meeting, except if that person is on the Central Committee, that person may speak at a Central Committee Meeting.”

It is interesting to note that this section of the by-laws does say “No Republican officeholder”. However, it is only used to keep the average Republican in-line, but the power elites in the elected offices are exempt from this section of the by-laws.  They have an automatic “get out of jail” card because of their elected position.  Yes, they practice the unwritten, two-tier level of justice that is so prevalent in today’s society.  We see, all too often, this unequal justice also being played out at the federal and state levels.

As you can imagine, Walsh was raked over the coals by many of the rank and file Republicans.  Except for one abstention, it was a unanimous vote to censure Walsh.

This is not the first and only violation of Article XV of the Lake County Republican by-laws.

The former Lake County Republican Sheriff Dan Dunlap publicly supported Paul Malchesky (D) running for Municipal Judge over the Republican Jim O’Leary, and supported the Democrat Tim Cannon over Republican Matt Lynch for 11th District Court of Appeals.  The Republican leaders fell silent over these indiscretions. We have heard that donations to the Party covers a lot of self-inflicted wounds.


There was not even a whisper of censure when Commissioner Jerry Cirino supported Malchesky (D) running for Concord Township Trustee.  Likewise, when Auditor Chris Galloway was cavorting with the Democrats at their fundraiser, or jointly running with Malchesky for Concord Trustee, that was acceptable to the Party elites since they are part of the Lake County cabal. (the Kool Kids Klub)


Auditor Chris Galloway (R) (a.k.a. Bob Dere) / Kevin Malecek (D) / John Rogers (D) / Kenny Yuko (Major D)…all part of the Kool Kids Klub

The argument offered that the Republican Party could not censure the elites because the bylaws were silent on that matter is what we would call a “red herring” or a “misdirection” meant to deceive.  We have copies of the 2014 by-laws that clearly state “No Republican officeholders”. They could have censured Dunlap, Cirino, Galloway, and Connie Luhta. Where there is a will there is a way.

Although we believe that Mr. Walsh is on the wrong team, the issue for LFC is not the questionable conduct of Jim Walsh because we believe in freedom of speech. It is apparent, however, that our society is quickly absorbing the cancel culture as a means of control. Step out of line as a peasant, and the Party will cancel you.

Our main issue deals with the hypocrisy of the Lake County Republican Party leaders and their two-tiered system of justice when dealing with the rank and file versus the elected officials – past and present. 

Hypocrisy – “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform”.

To the Party leaders – you may want to read Matthew 7:5…

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye!”


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  10. Walsh is a political hack who has long been a part of the closet-liberal Willoughby Hills and Lake County Cabals that are intent on bleeding the taxpayers dry. This is not a surprise. It is disappointing that others are not held to the same standard. You have to wonder if Walsh is just the “lowman” on the Cabal totem pole and taking one for the team.


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