Are Traditional American Values Gone Forever?

{LFC Comments: Here is an article sent to us by our Brecksville lobbyist demonstrating how public education has destroyed traditional American values. This will take a tremendous effort to get back on the right path.]


Written by: “Just Thinking”
December 8, 2020

[The following article is an] interesting history on the media. The education assessment at end is right on target. Ohio’s Dept. of Ed. and Board of Education are corrupt.

We need to push back against the indoctrination of students.

Residents of Ohio are losing because the influential, powerful elites think their good intentions are more high minded than the common sense of parents and we the people.

The State of Ohio Board of Education censors and intimidates those with whom they disagree. I have heard and experienced their tactics. They are a political entity and care less for the children of Ohio than they would have you believe. May I suggest that we work to elect new state board members and  have the ODE investigated.


Excepts from the article:

Perhaps the most powerful force removing traditional values from their once-dominant position in American culture, however, is our government schools. Obviously, there is no market discipline on schools operated by government for children forced to attend by truancy laws. Freed from the need to please their customers, the nation’s schools in the past 60 years have promulgated philosophical and moral relativism, deployed bizarre pedagogical methods that fail to provide students with skills and knowledge, prevented parents from assisting in their children’s learning, and inculcated in children subservient attitudes toward the government.”

“Moreover, public schools have taught a tendentious view of American history that characterizes our country as a fundamentally corrupt place riven by systemic racism, sexism, religious bigotry, and other such horrors that perpetuate so-called white privilege. In addition to implanting radical political thoughts, these ideas encourage dependency in minority children by convincing them that they have little to no chance of succeeding on their own merits. In a democratic republic, dependency can serve the interests of the state by increasing the number of people who find it difficult or unappealing to take care of themselves and hence have a powerful incentive to vote themselves access to other people’s money.”

“To supplement this demoralization, government schools leave large numbers of students unequipped for success by implementing educational fads such as new math, whole language learning, open classrooms, ungraded schools, nationally standardized testing regimes that kill innovation, Common Core standards that impose nationwide uniformity of curricula, and the like.”

“The problem lies not merely at the elementary and high school level. The immense infusion of government money into higher education during recent decades has removed market discipline from that world almost entirely, leading to the current system of leftist indoctrination in luxurious academic cocoons free of any challenges to the reigning doctrine of multiculturalism and anti-Americanism. Professors holding to traditional American values are openly marginalized and are driven out whenever possible, while campus speakers who question the shibboleths of the day are violently shouted down.”

“Add to all this the effects of the welfare state, which separates fathers from their children and undermines the parental example of personal responsibility and self-reliance, and it is evident that government has systematically transformed the nation’s culture. The late Andrew Breitbart’s famous claim that “politics is downstream of culture” is thus at best incomplete. The state has become a dominant partner in the nation’s culture and turns it to its own ends.”

“Achieving positive cultural change against all these massed forces is all but impossible through the culture itself. The cultural task for the right today is to turn Breitbart’s adage around and recognize that the state, not market forces, is the insidious power that has undermined the nation’s culture. Systematically removing the vast web of laws and regulations that enable the state to dominate the culture is a necessary element of any attempt to reassert traditional American values.”

S. T. Karnick

S. T. Karnick is a senior fellow and publications director at The Heartland Institute.

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