What’s A Wuliger?

What’s a Wuliger?

By D. Morgendorffer
December 15, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a man who ran for office in 2016 who said he had no political ambition and would run for commissioner and stay there.  Then there was the election season of 2020, and that man, who said he had no political ambition, decided to run for Senate.  But who shall be his heir?


What’s a Wuliger?  According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means nothing because it’s not in the dictionary.  According to Senator Cirino the Kingmaker, Jason Wuliger is the hand-picked heir to the Cirino Commissioner Office.


During the 2020 election season, Cirino the Kingmaker hosted many events in the county offices, some small and intimate, others large and bold, even during Covid-19.  Events that you, the taxpayer, arguably subsidized.  Events where people took photos and apparently campaign materials as well.

At a recent Commissioner meeting days before the election, Auditor candidate Joe Shriver questioned the Commissioners and particularly Commissioner Cirino about “events” only to have Commissioner Cirino dive into a defense of the large and bold.  A defense of disjointed Cirinoism so confusing, yet revealing of a guilty conscience.  This discussion seemed to go nowhere because it lacked context for those not involved in inside baseball politics, and Cirino was involved.


[LFC Add: Here is a link to our article showing Commissioner Cirino losing his composure when grilled by Joe Shriver at a Commissioners’ meeting.]



What’s a Wuliger?  Well, that’s a good question.  By all accounts, Jason Wuliger, now commissioner-elect, has never even been to a Commissioner meeting let alone participated in one, has never been elected to any public office other than the Republican Central Committee seat for one of Kirtland’s precincts.

What’s a Wuliger?  A made man?  How does someone like Jason Wuliger win an election for one of the highest offices in the county with no experience?  With a little help from his friends?  Friends like Grant and Franklin perhaps?  Or maybe after reviewing Mr. Wuliger’s campaign finance reports, McKinley, Cleveland, Madison with a touch of Chase and a hint of Wilson?

What?  No experience, you protest?  He was handed the “job” of Recorder in 2012 with the “retirement” of the then Recorder and lost the position to the woman that humble Becky Lynch trounced in 2, count ‘em 2, elections!  That’s right, Jason lost to his Democrat opponent who spent less than $10,000 as compared to Wuliger’s $140K+.  Apparently love isn’t the only thing money can’t buy.

What’s a Wuliger?  A creature of habit, perhaps?  What habits, you ask?  Like in the 2012 Recorder race, Mr. Wuliger had every endorsement of every insider across the board.  Mr. Wuliger was appointed to be the first vice-chairman of the Lake County Republican Party. What lesson did Mr. Wuliger learn about campaign spending?  In Las Vegas, they call it doubling down.  That’s right; by all accounts Mr. Wuliger will have doubled the amount of money spent against yet another no name opponent. 

But wait, like a bad infomercial, there’s more!  Apparently Mr. Wuliger benefited greatly from Cirino the Kingmaker as Cirino’s hand-picked heir to Cirino’s Commissioner Office.  Remember those photos referred to earlier in this article?  Well, here are some samples.  Decide for yourself, but why does Commissioner Cirino obviously have campaign materials in his taxpayer paid for office?

[LFC Add: Tsk, Tsk..Jerry…playing the corners, eh? ]

What’s a Wuliger?  Time will tell.  Will Mr. Wuliger question now Senator Cirino for apparently subsidizing political campaigns at the taxpayer’s expense?  Will Mr. Wuliger renounce Senator Cirino?  Will Mr. Wuliger remain silent hoping this all blows over?  Will Mr. Wuliger call in the Republican party powerful to put down this little “oopsie”?  What will the Republican party powerful do to solidify Mr. Wuliger as one of Lake County’s untouchables?


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