Holmes and Watson and the tale of the Wuliger Conflict

We are pleased to bring our friends Holmes and Watson out of the bullpen to help us sort out the tale of the Wuliger Conflict.


“Holmes, have you been reading about latest in Lake County politics? Did you hear that Commissioner Jason Wuliger resigned his seat before the first meeting?”

“What? I’m having a case of Déjà vu all of a sudden. Didn’t they just do this in Lake County?

“Don’t jump on me Holmes…I am but the messenger.”

“May I remind you Holmes that Auditor Chris Galloway replaced Ed Zupancic when Mr. Zupancic experienced a health condition, which allegedly occurred AFTER the general election in which he was elected by the voters. Per the Ohio Revised Code rules, the Lake County Republican Central Committee appointed Mr. Galloway to the Auditor’s position.”

“You mean for the second time in two years a Lake County executive officer shall be appointed by a small number of partisan electors, as opposed to the majority of Lake County voters?”

“Watson, I have always wondered about Ed’s illness. Who knew and when did they know it? Their lack of transparency may have corrupted the vote of the people.”

“You may be right Holmes, but it is in the past and we cannot change history. This is another fine kettle of fish that the Lake County Republican Party finds themselves in…”

“If my memory serves me, didn’t Wuliger win quite handily in their November 3rd election? You gave me the stats some time ago….”

“I have them right here…Yes, you are correct Holmes…a relatively easy win for the Republican candidate.”

“Jason Wuliger (R) defeated James Dugan (D) in the November 3, 2020 general election. Mr. Wuliger received 70,720 (57.64%) versus Mr. Dugan’s 51,976 (42.36%). On December 30, 2020, Mr. Wuliger took the oath of office accepting the Commissioner’s position.”

“Well, Watson…what is the problem? He won the election, took his oath of office, and I presume he started the job. I see no issue here, at all.”

“Well,,,as they say here is where the ‘cheese gets a little binding’. Mr. Wuliger started his new job on January 2nd, and on January 7th he resigned his position as Commissioner. He gave the following reason for resigning:”

“My primary occupation has been managing a small investment firm,” he said. “Over the course of managing that business, my firm invested in a large number of companies, some publicly traded and some private. While I generally own a very small amount of any particular company, I recently learned that my ownership stakes make relevant several Ohio ethics laws.”

“Why Watson…That is preposterous. Wouldn’t he, or his party, have vetted his eligibility before he decided to run for office? It begs the question: ‘When did Mr. Wuliger become aware of the conflict of interest?'”

“Are we to believe that sometime between December 30th and January 7th the conflict of interest was exposed? Hmmm, maybe, a definite maybe…”.

“My dear Holmes, far be it from me to question your analytical skills. Let me just stick with the facts.’

“Mr. Wuliger is an investment manager, and he had a conflict of interest with his role as County Commissioner. There must have been a financial conflict of interest, and being an investment manager is the ‘third rail’ for holding the Commissioner’s position. It appears that it is not acceptable for a Commissioner to be an investment advisor or manager.”

“I can certainly understand why being an investment manager in the public sector can conflict with the Commissioner’s role when they have tremendous investments with all the excessive property taxes that they have been extracting from their poor Lake County citizens.”

“Why is the fact that he is an investment manager important?”

“This is where my story gets interesting Holmes.
Let us introduce another character into our real life drama. Entering the stage from the left is Mr. Scott Marn, City of Mentor Councilman-at-Large. His current term ends January 2, 2022. “

“Oh, I remember him….Mentor Councilman…part of the highly influential local group know as the ‘Mentor Mafia’. ‘Mentor uber alles’ is their motto, eh?”

“Homes…I have no knowledge of that…perhaps just some sour grapes from other politicians.”

“Mr. Marn has thrown his hat into the ring, and wants Wuliger’s vacated position. He has been contacting the people already on the Republican Central Committee asking for their support.”

“I must tell you Watson, I do not see a problem….just another ambitious young man looking to improve his status in the community. You will need to tell me much more before I can be concerned.”

“Patience, Holmes…I am just getting to the juicy part of the story.”

“What I wondered about was when did Mr. Marn become aware of the vacancy in the Commissioner’s office?” Here is what several friends have told me. ‘King Jerry’ Cirino, you probably remember him as the ‘Don’ of Lake County, and Jason Wuliger have been talking to their preferred candidate, Scott Marn, about replacing Wuliger for WEEKS!

“Good grief, Watson…if that is true, it means that Wuliger and Cirino knew about the conflict of interest BEFORE Wuliger took the oath of office. Now that is a ‘sticky wicket’…a real ‘head scratcher’ … a conundrum…”

“Holmes, do not be concerned about a conundrum…this is American politics, remember, morality and ethics takes a back seat to getting elected.”

“I have discovered that taking an oath of office with prior knowledge that you could not fulfill the position is not illegal, but seems rather unethical to me. However, in the scheme of things, in the ‘big picture’, if you will, it does not matter.”

“The mere fact that a Republican was elected on November 3rd, gives the Republican Party, per the O.R.C., the right to appoint a successor. An elected official could have been hit by the proverbial bus, or discovered a conflict of interest, prior to taking the oath of office, it does not matter. The only ones that get shafted are the voters.”

“So why do I think you have more to tell me, my dear friend. You are having a hard time concealing that ear to ear grin. Do tell, the suspense is killing me.” Don’t hold back…”

“Yes, there is much more to the story…oh, my the irony is killing me…”

“It was like the time…sorry…I am digressing…”

“Get on with it man, I am going to need to fill my pipe and Mrs. Hudson is going to have to pour me another cup of tea.”

“Sorry Holmes…didn’t mean to drag this out…”

“Here is where it gets interesting…remember Wuliger is an investment advisor, and that caused the conflict of interest that started this whole mess…guess what job Mr. Scott Marn has that allows him to pay his bills?”


Scott J. Marn, CFP®, AAMS®
Senior Vice President – Investments
Trust. Integrity. Mutual respect. These are the operating principles I rely on when I work to develop an investment approach that is designed to meet my clients’ financial goals and objectives

(Holmes..dropping his pipe and spilling his tea)

“What? Watson, please do not try to pull the wool over my eyes. You must be mistaken. ‘King Jerry’ and Wuliger would not support a candidate that has the exact same credentials as the man that had the conflict of interest and had to resign before the very first meeting. What is the Lake County Republican Party saying about this utter nonsense?” I cannot believe it Watson…cannot, will not…no one is that stupid!”

“Holmes, if I am lying,, I am dying…scouts’ honor…”

“Obviously, ‘King Jerry’ and Wuliger want to ensure that their control of the Lake County Republican Party ‘Kabal’ is solidified, so they’re peddle support for another member of the Kool Kids Klub, knowing full well that he is an investment advisor. Loyalty comes at a price.”

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first set out to deceive.”

“My, my, my Watson…and Lake County politics is deemed the gold standard in Ohio?” It must be fools gold. With voter confidence so low in the entire election process, this is the last thing that is needed.”

“Thanks for the story Watson…Good night…I have had all I can take.”


We thank your dynamic duo for sharing their story with us.

We think that the Lake County voters should have a chance to vote for Mr. Wuliger’s replacement. We thought that we would create a poll and let everyone vote. Unfortunately, they are all Republicans, but we are working with the hand we have been dealt. Here are the candidates:

Scott Marn
Mentor Councilman
Investment Manager/ Advisor


John Plecnik

Republican State Central Committeeman for Ohio Senate District 18, which includes portions of Lake, Geauga and Portage Counties!

Former Willoughby Hills Councilman

John serves as an Associate Professor of Law with Tenure at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University


Morris W. Beverage III

President of Lighthouse Advisers
Investment Manager / Adviser

Morris Beverage III has 19 years of financial services experience with some of the world’s largest banks and investment firms.  In 2015 he created M. W. Beverage Financial Services, which served as a first phase to what has ultimately become Lighthouse Advisers. 


Matt Jaworski
City of Wickliffe Councilman-at-Large
Occupation: Communications Associate
Employer: BMA Media Group


Chuck Hillier
Painesville Township Trustee
Occupation: Quality/Technical Manager Instrumentation Services
Employer: Lubrizol Corporation


Richard Regovich
Occupation: Politician – Mayor
Employer: City of Willowick


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6 replies

  1. Maybe Q has the answer. Q???

  2. That’s why I would venture to say there is more to this than we know. None of it makes any sense. He didn’t just have a change of heart. And the cabal didn’t just realize that they don’t want him in there. Someone benefits from this in a way that we just haven’t figured out yet.

  3. Nothing, his future in politics is very questionable. Not over, but it would be difficult to convince voters and donors that he is in the race to stay and not leave prematurely. Just our opinion. The bartering for support goes on all the time in politics. The average voter thinks that they are the ones that choose their officeholders, but that is not always 100% accurate. We were told that Wuliger was a tireless worker for the party. After November 3rd, we see a lot of changes being made to the political parties. They need to be more responsive to the voters. Far too many lies, deceptions, and betrayals at all levels of government.

  4. Ok. But why would Wuliger comply? If he wanted to be commissioner and he won the election, why step down? What’s in it for him?

  5. Karen, we have reported that we have been told that there is a “Kabal” in Lake County, and there are Dems and Rep in the “Kool Kids Klub”. We believe that Wuliger did want to be Commissioner. We were told he spent over $200K in advertising. He is young and very bright and had visions of following in the footsteps of JC.

    However, there is a “pecking order” of who gets a chance to run for the major offices in the County. An individual must work for the Party for quite some time, or be rich and a prolific fundraiser, before the Party will LET them run for an office.

    We believe that it is improper for all Lake County taxpayers to pay for the primary elections for the Parties. Only 1/3 of the people belong to a Party, but the other 2/3 must pay for the primaries allowing the Parties to determine who gets to run in the general election. It is our belief that there is a definite alignment of putting a strong candidate against a weaker candidate thereby ensuring the preferred candidate can win. The Trump train significantly impacted the November local election. So Party positioning of the candidates does not always work.

  6. There has to be something more going on here. Why wouldn’t Marn just run in the first place? What is the purpose of these ppl running and then stepping down to be replaced? Was Wuliger that strong of a candidate that he had a better chance of winning than Marn? They are basically the same person. I also think a majority of his votes were just down-ballot votes for Trump. Ppl are sick of the Dems and their BS and most people don’t realize they are two sides of the same coin. There has to be something more going on.

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