Health Ranger Reveals Some Secrets

[LFC Comments: Thanks to our Lake County lobbyist for this video.]

Time Mark / Content
16:00 CIA , CCP, Ratcliffe memo
16:30 China’s long term goals
17:15 Realize that if Biden gets in CCP will rule
17:40 CCP would execute high ranking military officials
19:45 Wuhan lab worked for CCP military / Covi9-19 is bioweapon
35:00 Patriots missile batteries in Washington, D.C.
36:00 Picture of missile battery
39:50 Coast Guard checking for Chinese weapons on ships
42:25 CCP got FBI personnel files / Blackmailing FBI and gov’t employees
43:41 Bridges in Washington D.C. are closed
46:20 National Guard in D.C. to protect against China, Antifa, and BLM
revolts when Biden is not sworn in as POTUS
54:30 EMP strike would be devastating
59:00 14th Amendment / Anyone that received money from China could be removed Immediately from office. Biden is disqualified from becoming POTUS.

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