Dr. Simone Gold speaks out about Covid-19 and the vaccine

LFC Comments: Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for sending this video to us.

Dr. Simone Gold, a physician and attorney, pulls back the curtain on the lies, deceptions and betrayals behind the Covid-19 virus and the vaccine. She was fired for exposing the truth about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine!

Here is the America’s Frontline Doctors’ website for all of the vaccine information:

At the 47:00 time mark of the video below, she details who should take the vaccine.

  • Under no circumstances should a woman of child bearing age take this vaccine.
  • Under no circumstances should someone under 20 takes the vaccine.

She states that the CDC, NHI, and the FDA are not helping us!

Her group of doctors [America’s Frontline Doctors] do not want the vaccine to be mandatory. She wants everyone to sign their petition:


Keep reminding everyone that this vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL.

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