Lake County Kool Kids Klub is at it again…Hillier is their choice

LFC Comments: A concerned Lake County citizen sent the following article to us for publication. We give a platform to all residents, and rebuttals are welcome.

We have been told that there are now only two candidates running for the Commissioner’s seat vacated by the sudden departure of Jason Wuliger. They are Chuck Hillier and John Plecnik.

In addition to Auditor Chris Galloway (aka Bob Dere to Democrats), newly elected State Senator “King Jerry Cirino” (aka “The Don”) is also supporting Chuck Hillier for Lake County Commissioner. They are two of the power brokers in Lake County. Cross swords with them and your political life becomes exponentially more difficult.

There is a Lake County Kabal, and it has a Kool Kids Klub….unfortunately, the average citizen is not permitted membership in it!

We heard State Representative Nino Vitale speak over the weekend. We agree with his statement that the Republican Party is nothing more than “Democrat Light”.


RINOs are destroying our country and county

Written by “A concerned Lake County citizen”

These RINOs have got to be stopped. They are destroying our country. I see Galloway is now pushing Chuck Hillier for County Commissioner.

Now that Scott Marn has dropped out, “Never Trumper” Christopher Galloway and his “RINO Kool Kids Klub” are endorsing Chuck Hillier. Chuck Hillier has long been a RINO so it all makes sense. 

“Never Trumper” Galloway’s BFF Gabe Ciconetti endorsed Hiller for Painesville Township Trustee…when he was still a Democrat.

But before Hillier took his carpetbag to Painesville, he was the Council President of Eastlake and the “right hand man” to corrupt Democrat Mayor Dan Dilberto. Chuck and Diliberto caused Eastlake to rack up a $4.5 million deficit budget. To fix their mistakes, Chuck and Diliberto did what all good corrupt politicians do…they tried to raise taxes again and again! But the voters rejected them every time. When they could not raise taxes, Chuck and Dilberto illegally gouged taxpayers for excessive sewer fees instead to pay off the excessive debt they caused.  When Diliberto fled to Florida (while the city was getting an emergency audit) Chuck refused to step in as Mayor and quit before he could get recalled…or worse… A month later, the auditor concluded Chuck Hillier and Dan Dilberto caused the city to be in a fiscal emergency. Later, it was found out Dilberto was taking bribes while he was Mayor.

Now RINO Chuck Hillier is trying to pretend to be a fiscal conservative! What a joke! Hopefully the Kool Kids Klub will not pull another “fast one” on the Lake County GOP.


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