Calling on ALL Republican Central Committee People…to stop Governor DeWine

Written by a Citizen of Clermont County, Ohio
January 22, 2021

Every County Republican Central Committee needs to join Clermont County in demanding our legislators do something about DeWine’s obvious and egregious actions against Ohioans’ freedoms.

If they do not – you have your answer about just who they really represent.

Please act NOW and reach out to your county Republican Party to act now on this resolution. Tell them to join this action.


For Immediate Release: January 22, 2021

State Representative (65th District) John Becker supports a Clermont County Republican Party resolution aimed at the Ohio Republican Party. It’s all about defeating Governor DeWine “by any legal means necessary”



Former State Representative John Becker seconded, and spoke in favor of a resolution intended to counter the Ohio Republican Party’s intent to stack the deck against Governor DeWine’s primary election challenger(s).

At the January meeting of the Clermont County Republican Party, chaired by Greg Simpson, Becker stood and made the following statement: “Governor DeWine has flagrantly and repeatedly violated the US Constitution, the Ohio Constitution, and civil rights. He has lockstep support from the Democrats for a reason. He’s the most liberal governor we’ve had in recent history and must be defeated by any legal means necessary.”

The Party regulars are disenchanted by Governor DeWine’s dictatorial control and unlawful orders to unilaterally destroy Ohio’s economy and the fabric of society:

• Unlawfully cancelling an election.
• Unlawfully placing 11.7 million Ohioans under house arrest.
• Unlawfully ordering schools to close.
• Unlawfully closing healthcare facilities in violation of Article I, Section 21 of the Ohio Constitution.
• Unlawfully picking winners and losers by arbitrarily deciding which businesses should live and which ones should die.
• Unlawfully creating curfews.
•Unlawfully requiring face coverings. (Many find them insulting, humiliating, degrading, and arguably dangerous. The science and experience supporting their value (other than N-95) is negligible and even laughable.)
• Cruelly weaponizing the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and other state agencies against businesses and the people.

The list goes on…Many of these are criminal offenses that are both impeachable and prosecutable.


Clermont County Republican Party Batavia, Ohio 

A resolution 

MAY 2022 PRIMARY AND THE OHIO REPUBLICAN PARTY WHEREAS, on January 15, 2021, at a meeting of the Ohio Republican Party, Ohio Republican Party Chair  Jane Timken alluded to supporting incumbents; 

WHEREAS we believe in the need for a fair Republican Primary in 2022 that allows fair consideration of  alternatives to all incumbent candidates; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clermont County Republican Party calls on the Ohio Republican  Party and Chair Timken to support and defend a free and open Republican Primary for all offices that  puts voters and their county party first, not Columbus insiders, first; 

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we call on the Ohio Republican Party to not issue candidate  endorsements in the 2022 Primary. 

• Considered and approved by the Clermont County Republican Central Committee on January 20,  2021. 

• Motioned by: Nathan Schuler (Tate Township D). 

• Seconded by: Magda Dawson (Union Township Y). 

• For: 39 (73%) / Opposed 11 (21%) / Non-voting 3 (6%).

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