Cancel Culture…Lake County Style

LFC Comments: We received the following from a Lake County lobbyist…


Chris Galloway is our County Auditor. From your articles, I see Amy Sabath is one of King Jerry’s favorite minions to be handed jobs or board appointments.  Somehow these people have positions of public trust, yet here they are acting like whining spoiled brats, bullies and liars.  Puts a whole new spin on the Kool Kids Klub. Does the Lake County GOP really support such foolishness? If so it might be time for a 3rd party. 


LFC Comments: In addition, to her job at Lakeland Community College, Ms. Sabath was a political consultant to Jerry Cirino. Ms. Sabath was appointed to the Lake County Visitors Bureau by Jerry Cirino when he was a Lake County Commissioner.

Lake County Auditor, Chris Galloway, is also the President of the Concord Township JEDD, and is a very highly regarded political consultant by both Democrats and Republicans. (sorry, we are being redundant, we all know there is only one party.)

Exhibit A: Galloway attended a Democrat fundraiser as “Bob Dere”

Pictured: Left to Right – Chris Galloway (a.k.a. Bob Dere), Kevin Malecek (D), John Roger (D), Kenny Yuko (Major D)

Unfortunately, we find this behavior by both Galloway and Sabath to be a bit juvenile and it really demonstrates what we have been talking about. The Kool Kids Klub is alive and well in Lake County….and guess what?….We are not allowed to join, the membership is exclusive to those that play ball with the Lake County Kabal; pay your dues, slave for the party, and do as your are told. NEVER, we repeat, NEVER be a free thinker – “group think” is all that is allowed.


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