A Review of Heritage Action

A Review of Heritage Action

Written by Jeanne Kincaid
February 5, 2021

Today I am taking a detour from my podcast reviews to address some issues that should be concerning to every American.

I suspect that there are millions upon millions of people in this country like me who think that the only way our voices can be heard is through the election process. I have spent way too much time listening to what is going on and becoming angered at what our representatives in Washington are not doing to fulfill the needs of their constituents.

I have always known that as Americans, we can call our representatives and let them know what our concerns are. I have rarely taken action because I am only one person. This is no excuse!

I have looked for ways to try and understand what is happening in our government.

Do you know what issues are coming up for a vote?

Do you know the way that your representatives voted on issues and legislation?

Have you ever looked to find the way that your representatives voted?

I find it daunting to bring all of these things together, get them organized and take action.

And then I think to myself, “I am just one person. How can I possibly move the dial on anything?” I suspect that like me, many people get paralyzed and do nothing. Everyone knows that it takes many people moving in the same direction two be able to make a difference.

This is where my podcast addiction has paid off!

As I was listening to the Just The News podcast with John Solomon, he had a guest on named Jessica Anderson. She is the Executive Director of an organization called Heritage Action. After I listened to the interview, I was so intriqued that as soon as I could, I started researching the site. This is what I found.

Taken directly from the site about page, http://heritageaction.com

Mission –
“Heritage Action turns conservative ideas into reality on Capitol Hill. We do that by holding lawmakers accountable to their promises to advance the conservative principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

We work directly with federal lawmakers inside and outside of Washington—the only way to bring about the conservative policies that hold true to our Founding Fathers’ ideals. Heritage Action exists to ensure that these ideals are not only maintained but flourish, both now and for future generations.”

There is SO much information that is informative, organized, downloadable and easy to follow that ANYONE can be part of a grassroots organization that is making a difference.


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